Feels Like A Good Day for 100’s

5 Men posted in the humid confines of Mint Hill Metal. Disclaimer was provided and so we began:

SSH x 20 IC
2 Hand Swings x 20 OYO
CDD x 15 IC
Goblet Squats x 15 OYO
Mtn. Climber x 10 IC
Around The World x 10 each direction

Parter up for CMIYC

P1 farmer carries the KB’s, P2 does x 10 merkins. P2 runs to catch up with P1, takes the bells and farmer carries while P1 does x 10 merkins. Flapjack until we complete the lap around the church and back to starting point.

Back at Basketball Court:

4 Rounds of

x 10 sumo squats
x 5 per side push press
x 5 per side lawn mowers

Head to the lot nearest ball court, partner back up


Partner 1 does KB exercise, P2 runs to median midway in parking lot and does called exercise. Flapjack until 100 combined reps are completed of the KB movement.

Rnd 1: 2 Handed KB swing, 10 LBC’s at other end
Rnd 2: Goblet/Sumo Squats, 10 Freddie Mercury’s at other end
Rnd 3: 2 Handed Press, Run down and back
Rnd 4: 1 Hand Alternating Swings, 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s at other end

Back up to Basketball Court:

1 Round on right side/1 Round on left side of:

x5 1 arm swing
x5 cleans
x5 high pull
x5 snatch
x5 suitcase lunges

We have about 1 minute left, but YHC is smoked so we’re done a little early.


Great work this morning fellas. I think we were all whipped after that one. That last group of exercised was meant to go 5 rounds vs. 1, glad we only had time for one, I don’t think I could have completed 5 round of that. Great to see BLC back out at a KB workout for the first time in a long time. Chum killed it as always. Mtn. Momma and High Chair are relatively new to F3 and are getting in shape fast. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you men this morning. Great take out in prayer by Chum