F3 Concord – The Loser Bracket Beatdown

Mosey to Mall

SSHs x 20
ISTs x 20
Arm stretches
Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang:
#1 – Mall Merkin Lap – Run around mall at brisk pace stopping 4 times to pump out 20 merkins at each stop.
#2 – Burpee Ladder at Hill 218 – 5 burpees, run down hill, 4 burpees, run up hill, …
#3 – Parking Deck Lunge Walks – 20 lunges, run up to next level, 20 lunges, run up to the next level…all the way to the top.
#4 – Stairway Suicides – Run down one level, back to the top, down 2 levels, back to the top, …
Mosey to Mary

LBCs x 20
Freddie Mers x 20
KGBs x 20

* Temperature about the same, but actually felt a little cooler today with a little breeze wafting through.
* I just want to point out one election that morning in May that turned out true. For the NCAA basketball tournament, the Pax chose the field over Carolina. Thankfully, the field won on a wonderful last-second shot.
* Prayers for Indy’s son Jack at camp.
* I was asked to call out Gooney for his lack of attendance lately. Gooney – where are you?
* I was also asked to call out Backdraft, even though he was there, I guess just because he is Backdraft. So even though I have nothing personally against the fine gentleman and firefighter he is, here we go. Backdraft, you ol’ (insert derogatory comment of choice).
* Thanks for the fellowship and the shared sweat,