BB’s Are Better Late Than Never!

YHC was woken up at 0300 by my 2.1 who had a “bad dream” and couldn’t go back to sleep. That meant the whole damn house was woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep. This made me a tad cranky…. I know, I’m always cranky at 0530 and the rest of most days too, so what’s new??? Nothing, except the fact that YHC had the Q and was able to take my frustrations out on the Pax this morning ;-)!

At 0523, there was not a sole in the parking lot when YHC arrived. I starting to think about how miserable a solo beatdown would be. I was soon rescued from those thoughts by @Cinderblock, followed by @Rib Shack who rolled up in a flat bed semi, talking about late night deliveries to needy contractors. @Blind Date stepped out of his vehicle and his knees started shaking thinking we might be doing a modified Muthatrucka beatdown with @Rib Shack’s rig. Not today, my friend, but I like your thinking. @Rib Shack- let’s do that one day soon!

In total, 11 Traditioners made the decision to post this morning including all of #TeamBacon. Hopefully they regretted that decision
Here’s how things went down:

Parking lot zigzag (run forward, shuffle right, run backward, shuffle right, forward to the far island). Rinse and repeat, shuffling left back to the other end of the lot.

YHC was winded after that dynamic warm and barely managed to call cadence in warm-o-rama:

Hillbilly 10IC
Agitator 10IC
Merkin 10IC
Mountain Climber 10IC

Lets roll!

Mosey to daycare

Partner up

20 partner plank derkins each.
Sprint to the end of the lot for 20 jump squats.
Sprint back for 20 partner plank incline merkins.

Enter @Dingo stage right, running down Mallard Creek Church. Of course @Forgotten Jelly would be standing around and happened to notice the hybrid pass by. He excitedly said something to the effect of let’s go catch @Dingo. @Forgotten Jelly was so excited, I thought he might have spewed in his pants. As a member of #TeamBacon, YHC was having none of that chasing after hybrid stuff. Let’s continue on with the beatdown.

Sprint back to the far end of the lot for 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Sprint back for 20 LBC’s.
Quadraphelia to far end of the lot. 20 WW2 sit ups.

Partner wheel barrow to middle island. Sprint to end for 20 squerkins each.

Mosey back to Tradition. Stop at the beginning of the lot for air squats (Belding’s Choice). Lunge walk to middle of the building. Bear crawl to the end. 20 curb hops.

Mosey back to the cinderblocks:

30 second AMRAP w/ 10 seconds rest in between each of the following CB exercises:

Chest Press
Shoulder Press
High Pulls
Lawnmower Pulls (R&L)
Triceps Extension

Group sprint to front end of lot for MARY. @Rib Shack and @Mr. Belding killed this. Go #TeamBacon!

Dying Cockroach x10IC
Rosalita x15IC
Low Flutter x10IC
Low Dolly x10IC

LATE Moleskin:

1) Great work by everyone this morning.
2) Sorry for the very late BB. Was in training all day and had to be there at 0800. Fortunately, I was learning all about Glocks and how to take them apart, fix them, and put them together. If you need a certified Glock Armorer to look at your piece (not THAT piece), hit me up!
3) BOMB tomorrow at 0530. Coffeteria at 0600 at Caffecinos. Just show up at one of those events.

5 thoughts on “BB’s Are Better Late Than Never!

  1. RibShack

    @BW- nicely done, one of the toughest in a while! And not one burpee either. Hmmmmmm, when’s the next Bootcamp?

    @Triplethreat- you were on fire today my friend, was all I could do to keep it close. Thanks for partnering up!

  2. cardiac

    Wow. That looks like a comprehensive beatdown!! Sorry I missed. Had an early work meeting.

  3. Cinder Block

    Late backblast, late response, but this beat down got the best of me! Way to keep the pace moving with little to no breaks between excerises to recover.

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