Devil’s Pitchfork

7 men swam laps in the humidity at Devil’s Pitchfork (and I always pictured Hell as having a dry heat…).

  • Start at Abbington Poolhouse
  • Downhill to cul de sac & back to roundabout
  • Left on Burnage Hall & left on Hounslow to cul de sac & back to roundabout
  • Continue on Burnage Hall then right on Grovesner to cul de sac & back to roundabout
  • Right on French Fields back to the poolhouse
  • Repeato til 6:15


  • Great work today. Everyone got in between 4.2 miles (YHC) and 5.7 miles (The Magnificent).
  • Come out Friday for Exit 54’s VQ of Acceleration.
  • Rail Yard still needs a Q for this Saturday. Step up & sign up here.
  • 37 days til Blue Ridge. Aye!

5 thoughts on “Devil’s Pitchfork

    1. Gapper Post author

      Nice! I PR’ed at ~2.16 laps (made it about halfway back down French Fields after the 2nd lap). Goal next week is 2.33.

      1. Riptide

        Congrats on the PRs!! Great accomplishment in that 95% humidity! Great improvement by Flip Phone also!

  1. Exit54

    I enjoyed it, fellas.

    Tclaps to @Mags – I believe he’s the first to get three full loops in.

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