Detour to Stretch and Recovery

6 Fine F3 Faithful joined up at the Sports Connection façade looking for some recovery and flexibility work. 4 were the ‘regular smart guys’… 2 were a little road weary, ‘smartly’ seeking rejuvenation (or ‘smartly’ avoiding the devil’s pitchfork).

Thang: a bunch of stretching from head to toe, with hip and back focus… including Warrior series, cobbler, garland, tree, updogs, downdogs, forward folds, side lunges, royal dancers, eye of needle progression, wrestler kick-outs, high/low pigeon, child’s pose, cat/cow, yerpees, arm circles, etc.

COT: Cooter took us out.


  1. Solid work and focus this morning PAX. Thanks for following along with the randomness YHC threw out this morning.
  2. @Othello is part ninja… especially when chased by a 9 inch long ant… don’t sneak up on said ninja, as you may get throat punched to your back before you know what happened. #MadReflexes
  3. Great to see @Gamma and @Starsky out at broga this morning. Hope the BRR training continues injury free.
  4. @SidVicious and @Cooter were in their usual zone of zen.
  5. YHC thinks he overheard some of the Burn or FIA Gals state “see how manly and strong those guys look over there posing like trees… impressive!” YHC doesn’t have the best hearing, but pretty sure that’s what they said.

12 thoughts on “Detour to Stretch and Recovery

  1. SoloCup

    “Those are some really ugly chicks doing yoga over there” – BBC lady

    Glad to hear that @Gamma and @Starsky got there stretch on this morning. #TheMenFolk were a little worried

    1. Clueless Post author

      Me thinks #TheMenFolk are upset by the “winning” displayed by @Gamma and @Starsky this morning

  2. FlipPhone

    “see how manly and strong those guys look over there posing like trees… impressive!”

    I’m sure that’s exactly what they said …

    This is the page where the runners come to Troll and give a hard time.

  3. Cooter_MECA

    Nice lead @Clueless, enjoyed the full body stretching it was much needed. I think I heard the same thing this morning! The Road Warrior Crew is just jealous.

  4. Sid Vicious

    @Clueless nice lead. It did seem like we had more fly byes by FIA and Burn this am. They must dig #flexibility over cardio baby! Bill opened a can of whoop A$@ on that ant….

    1. Clueless Post author

      Oh yeah… you can’t hide this type of Brogamania… you can only hope to contain it…

  5. Othello

    Great lead again, as usual, @Clueless. Hips/I-T band appreciated the extra attention.

    Now, for the record, I am definately not afraid of bugs, snakes or vermon. BUT, you sneak up on me when I am in my “zone” and least expect it and I will knife you! #growingupinjersey

    1. Clueless Post author

      Official name change submission to @BuckNorris… Chuck’s more bada$$’s cousin

  6. Gamma

    Thanks for the lead, @Clueless. I definitely needed that – this is the least amount of pain I’ve had in my hip in weeks. Guess there’s something to that whole stretching thang.

    To the trolls….haters gonna hate.

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