A Cheetah in the gloom……

“I would prefer to fall with honor, than win with cheating”.

The weatherman promised a change in the weather, he told me cooler temps were on the way and it would start today. He was Kind of right, I guess it was a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. But the humidity was still there and we felt it the whole way this morning.

As I pulled up to my dalmatian buddies home, I noticed no candles were burning inside. Pongo and I have been doing F3 for nearly 3 years. We ride to most workouts together. I have learnt 1 thing about Pongo. If the candles are out, he aint coming. So I slowly pulled away from his Casa and made the long, lonely journey to the Valley.

I was greeted by bacon! 2 cruise faithful who are there week in and week out. Slowly getting stronger and stronger and ever so close to that Hybrid classification. Man Down was back from is penis surgery. We had some great convo surrounding his penis. Strangely talking about his penis made some men uncomfortable. Weird, we all have a penis……I think. His penis has recovered and is working just fine, in case you’re wondering.

I didn’t see much of anyone other than Buckwheat and Ribshack after the initial trip down the Hill Of Shadows. We ran, we walked, we laughed, we cried. Occasionally the rabbits would check on us. And we ran some more.

On our way back Buckwheat mentioned the Hill Of Shadows Segment on Strava. I didn’t know there was a HOS segment. Well he informed me there was and that he was gonna kill it today.

Damn Strava……

Buckwheats motivational speech was all I needed to take on that hill!! And I did. Crushed it. Even came away with the crown for the run. Yep, even beat the rabbits. So I sent the rabbits a screen cap of my victory.

And that was where the cheating came in……

You see a certain rabbit has been losing a lot of crowns this week and was especially upset that a Hybrid defeated him today. So this rabbit, 20-30 mins AFTER the cruise had ended, drove back to the HOS and ran it again, as fast as he could. I can’t make this shit up people…….

So he took my daily crown. But did he? Does it count if you just run that small section to achieve a crown? Well, for months now I have heard this certain rabbit complain about people doing EXACTLY what he did this morning…….”Sports do not build character, they reveal it”.

Good work out there men! I assume you rabbits had some fun!

4 thoughts on “A Cheetah in the gloom……

  1. Buckwheat

    Now THAT’S how you write a BB. T-Claps @Dingo. Thanks for reverting back to team bacon today, Hybrid. We were missing a big piece this morning in @Pongo. Sad to hear the candles weren’t lit :-(.

    Good to see you back @Man Down. Glad to “hear” your penis is feeling better…. I think? @Dingo- TMI when you said your as$ was sore right after you asked @Man Down how his penis was feeling. TMI…

    Not sure what you rabbits did today, but you sure didn’t come back to check on the six much today. Were you scared to engage us because of the friendly looks and kind words we have for you when you come run circles around us while we are in misery ;-)?

    Always good humor w/ my fellow bacon brothers. @Rib Shack, you’re a sprinting machine! Well done on the Hill of Shadows. My brilliant idea to sprint it backfired on me. Almost died…. @Dingo the rabbit in you came out once we hit that last bridge. You crushed the Hill of Shadows, bro!

    @Cheetah- That was brilliant to drive back and steal @Dingo’s crown. Wish I would’ve thought of that. Oh wait, it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. I’d still be dead halfway up that thing…

  2. Durden

    I used to run this route from Saxenberry to Winchester when I was feeling “in shape”. Barely finishing those runs, i crawled my way back to Netherhall every time. After running with you guys, im starting to understand my pace better, and im running further and faster than ever. Today was a good confidence booster that I could do the “mallard run” without dying halfway through. Thank you guys for the progress, I couldnt have pushed myself without you guys

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