Burpee Broad Jumps – Pax choice?

The Pax were 18 strong and weren’t intimidated by the call for heavy rain.

The Thang:

Mosey, skip, backward run, karaoke right and left to COP.

COP: SSH x 20, cotton picker x 15, Mtn Climber x 20, air squats x 15

Mosey to end of upper Middle School (M.S.) parking lot road.

Pax choice of 10 to 20 burpee broad jumps, then run to the end of that parking lot road, down to the 2nd tier for repeato, down to the 3rd for repeato.

Going back up the “Z”, 20 walking lunges with optional leg kick out (GBS aka Google Bun Shapers), then run the remainder of the lot, repeato on 2nd and 3rd tiers

Dips on the parking curb until a spider crawled up YHC arm.

Mosey to upper bus lot.

Modified for “Vern” = sprint to far basketball hoop and back into 10 pullups, sprint back to hoop and back into 20 merkins, spring back to hoop and back for 30 LBC’s. Repeato on the entire cycle.

Partner up for 200m partner relay sprints x 2

Mosey back to car lot for Mary.

Mary: plank jacks x 15, crunchy frog x 15, low flutter x 15, mason twist x 15, squirm x 15, LBC x 15.

the Moleskin:

1. Huge t-claps to Ironhide for posting and modifying the workout so he can still participate. I don’t know many Pax, including myself, who would do that. Great example for us all in commitment and perseverence. Well done, brother.
2. How many of you chose the 20 burpee broad jumps at each level?! No need to answer that on here, just wanted you to ask yourself!
3. The Nanny said he wasn’t getting enough running in these days and Friday’s Speed postings have been light, so this workout brought some Speed to you all!!! Tell me you don’t feel great this morning after all that cardio???
4. T-claps all around for a great effort and push. Well done, men.

Have a great day.


9 thoughts on “Burpee Broad Jumps – Pax choice?

  1. Stoli Post author

    I may be missing a Pax on the list. Apologies if I did and please sound off.

    Great effort today, men. Enjoyed sharing in the pain with each of you.

    Google, thanks for the intense competition on the Vern. We both appeared to be close to spilling merlot! Love it!

    1. Gump

      I noticed this event has not promoted the fact that the food is actually tasty, hot or enjoyable… Just an observation.

      1. Hammer

        @stoli, I chose 20 #squats that is. Nursing a shoulder but I still would have chose 20. #Toughtalk. Solid beatdown stoli, thanks.

        @gump, best part about the chow down is the food will be served by Presbyterians.

  2. Google

    Great Beatdown @ Stoli.. Thanks for the lead and the push on the Vern. I was definitely at the red line.

    For those non-cruisers. I have the Q @Skywalker tomorrow. Come check out what this AO has to offer!

    The strong will Stand!

  3. Buckwheat

    Just for you, @Gump, the food will be both hot and tasty. All you gotta do is show up and bring the mumble chatter w/ you. Shouldn’t be too difficult for you, the second part of that statement at least ;-)…..

    Solid beatdown @Stoli!

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