TRADITIONAL Murph at Tradition

Six men decided to defy the fartsack this morning and complete the October version of the Murph.  Completing the Murph has become a tradition amongst F3 men, and what better AO to continue this tradition than Tradition.  Ironically, the Master Q of Tradition went against standard protocol, and decided to do an impromptu Q at The Valley, which left us with six of the finest men of MeCa to keep the traditional Murph at Tradition alive!  It went something like this:

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 mericans
300 air squats
1 mile run

Mary led by @ManDown


@Dingo, even though I gave you a hard time, thanks for asking me to step in. I’m coming off almost a week hiatus and knew this would suck but don’t regret doing it. I went for a run while away and it was awful. Nothing like running with F3 guys.

@Neon was either going for a little extra credit by bringing his KB, or became one of many that was suckered into convinced to do the Murph after showing up for a KB beatdown. Good job bro…I’m still not sure what you’re grabbing.

Also, those are some good looking Precinct shirts!

Good job to all for stepping up and counting cadence!


Beatdown Chowdown is this Saturday from 7-9am. Come out!

@Iron Wolf is hosting an event at NC Music Factory this Friday for Movemeber. Come out to learn more about Movemeber and support him.

Next Wednesday, 11/4, The Precinct will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary. Wednesday workouts in the area will be cancelled in order to converge there.

It was a pleasure as always!

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    1. Man Down

      NEWS FLASH: “Tradition Master Q Thumbs Nose at Most Traditional F3 Workout.”
      My oh my…what would the good Lieutenant say?!

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