King Dork

13 of Harrisburg’s finest came out to enjoy the perfect workout weather.



  1. SSH x 20
  2. Imperial Storm Trooper x 20
  3. Windmills x 20
  4. Merkins x20
  5. Air squats x 20
  6. Lunges x 20
  7. WWII situps x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to the football field, circle up for:

  1. Diamond merkins x 20/16
  2. Jumpsquats x 20/20
  3. Wide merkins x 20/16
  4. Lunges x 20
  5. Carolina drydocks x 20/16
  6. rinse and repeat

Mosey to shed to grab a few sandbags, break into 3 groups for 4 stations around the football field:

  1. 10 pullups at the playground
  2. 15 sandbag curls at turn 2
  3. 20 Lieutenent Dan’s (jump squat / lunge) at turn 3
  4. 25 LBCs at turn 4
  5. rinse and repeat then return sandbags to their home

Mosey down to the pond for Jack Webbs 2 up to 10 (by 2s) then back down to 0 (yes, zero!)

Jailbreak up heartrate hill to the parking lot for Mary:

  1. Low flutter x 15
  2. Low dolly x 15
  3. W x 15
  4. Reverse crunches x 10
  5. Pretzel crunches x 10 ea side
  6. Homer to Marge



  1. Great job taking us out by Waterbear.  Prayers to his father and Chaos’ father in law.
  2. Thanks to Gamma for joining YHC for the Bull run.
  3. Long run tomorrow 5am with SS Minnow and Casper, then YHC and Clueless around 2pm.
  4. Great work by all.  YHC tried to hit all muscle groups and mix in enough running to keep Tumbler happy.
  5. Thanks to Gamma for reminding YHC to replace the sandbags back to their home.
  6. Exceptional coffeteria convo this am going from Monty Python to 2nd hand smoke to Avengers to Star Wars Machete to Christmas Vacation…  Gapper has plenty of competition for King Dork of Harrsburg F3….