Mudrun prep at the Valley

5 men came together at The Valley for some mudrun prep. YHC purposefully picked exercises that will help with tomorrow.

– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Cotton pickers x 15

The Thang
– Mosey to back of school
– Muscle ups x 10
– Pullups x 10
– WWII situps x 10
Repeat for three rounds

– Mosey to next playground
– Jump over the railing x 20
– Crawl on parallel bars x 10

– Mosey to trailers
– Plank walk down walkway railings x 3

– Mosey to front playground
– Obstacle course running on playground for 3 trips
– Dips x 10
– incline merkins x 10
– decline merkins x 10
Repeat for three rounds

Mary in parking lot

– Nice job today Pax. Thanks for indulging those of us who are running the mudrun tomorrow. I didn’t want us to overdo it.
– Buckwheat, Dingo, and I are putting out flyers this weekend in the local neighborhoods. Let’s try to get more guys out to this AO. It is a great place to workout.

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