Dishes on the Shelf!

It was an honor for YHC to lead 5 of Tradition’s finest in a kettelbell beatdown this fine Autumn morning.  Yes – there were a lot of options for the PAX this morning including a bootcamp in the Valley or an F2 Book Study at Caffecino or fartsacking in on a Friday.  But in the clear morning mist stood 5 of Tradition’s finest ready for an old school beatdown.

It went something like this;

Mosey around the church

Warm-up in cadence

15 side straddle hop

15 windmill

15 cotton pickers

15 plankjacks

15 low slow squats

Backwards lunges

Arm circles

Touch toes

Now – let’s get some kettlebells in action

Set 1 (upper body) on your own

15 20 15

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell shelf – 10 10 10 each side

Lawn mowers (each arm) – 10 10 10

Clean and Press – 10, 10, 10 – each arm

Toe Raises

Shoulder presses – Standing

5 kettlebell burpees

Walk around the lot

Set 2 (lower body)

15, 20, 15

Side obliques

Sumo Squats

Skull crushers – on back

Pullovers – on back

Goblet squat

Merkins – 10 each

Mary – cadence

15 each

Little Baby crunch w/bell

The W – w/bell

Derby double tap

Sensei – thank you for leading us out in prayer

Let’s see.

Great job men – in completing it all

On the shelf was new – take the bell from one side and twist your body and put it on a shelf on the other side.  Good practice for putting away the dishes at home!

Liked the back lunge – felt it in my hamstrings

A man from the church came out around 6:00 am looking for a Gary Driessen.  Sensie noted that was @Dingo.  He wanted us to give @Dingo a message – “the receptacles go on Monday from the field (outback).”  I hope you are feeling better @dingo.  Let me know if you need help on that project.  We asked the man to join in the workout – but he heartily laughed – “no no”.

@shawshank educated us on a difference between jail and prison.  No workouts in jail.  No men congregating in jail.  Workouts in prison.  Men want to go to prison rather than jail.  Some are in jail for four years waiting for a court date.  Sad but real.

@survivor – YHC feels you are sandbagging it with that 25 pound bell.  Get a 30 pound bell and work it in!  You won’t get injured.  You are strong.

Hope all have a great weekend!

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