Overhead with PVC

10 Stoners mobilized, albeit a few minutes tardy, to the open trunk of a yellow mazda, PVC pipes were distributed, and it went down something like this:

Mosey to basket-ball court


  • SSHx15(IC)
  • Imperial StormTroopersx15(IC)
  • Cotton Pickersx15(IC)
  • Windmillsx15(IC)
  • Apollo Ohnosx15(IC)
  • Mountain Climbersx15(IC)
  • Negative Merkins, 5 count, with instructions x10
  • PVC Passthroughs x10, Reverse Gripx10
  • PVC Good Mornings
  • PVC Overhead Squat (OHS)x30(IC)
  • PVC Shoulder Pressx30(IC), x20(IC)
  • PVC Thrusterx30(IC)

Mosey around back of school to picnic tables, PVC overhead

PVC Running Work:

  • Bulgarian Split Squat with PVC on back x10 (each leg)
  • Step-Upsx10 (each leg)
  • PVC OHSx10
  • Mosey with PVC Overhead to playground
  • Max set push-ups
  • Max set pull-ups
  • Mosey back to Picnic Tables with PVC Overhead

Mosey to little wall in front of school, make sure to go through the Odell Dragon

Have a seat with your PVC

  • Wall sit
  • Wall sit with PVC shoulder pressx30
  • Press-ups x10
  • Calf Raises x10 (each Leg)
  • Run two laps around circle drive

Mosey back to starting lot with PVC overhead

  • 8 Count Body Builders x 10 (IC)
  • PVC hollow body rock x10, x5, x5


Pleasure leading everyone this morning, I’ll be curious to know if you can raise your arms above your head and put on your shirt tomorrow morning! ¬†Welcome to our FNG no more Beep-Beep, nice audible by the Pax on changing Road-Runner to Beep-Beep. ¬†

2 thoughts on “Overhead with PVC

  1. Sparknut

    It’s amazing how much pain can be brought through a 1/2 inch PVC pipe. Solid Q Pox. Thank you for your leadership.

  2. Schnitzel

    Well done, my legs are hurting more than my arms. Welcome Beep-Beep, the average age is going down. Congratulations to Pox on another 2.0. I hope all is well.

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