Grumpy Monday

A perfect triple multiple of three, which would have been perfect for my grinders, posted for some hard work on a Monday morning (and then Capri rolled in late and screwed up the numbers – seriously, you live across the street).


A few zigzag laps around the lot to greet the #powerwalkers and get things moving, then circle up


  • SSH X 20 IC
  • LSS X 20 IC
  • MC X 20 IC
  • Peter Parker X 20 IC
  • Merkin X 15 IC
  • LBC X 15 IC

Mosey around behind the tennis courts to the apparently secret large hill that I found on Google Earth last night.  It’s a nice hill, so I expect to see more use in the future.  Pretty dark back there though, so the headlamps were good.

5 sets of jump squats at the top X 10,  merkins at the bottom X 10

5 sets of mountain climbers at the top X 10 , diamonds at the bottom X 5

Mosey along the dicey path around the back of the tennis courts that Arena assured us was a good route to take to the back parking lot near the playground.

Lots of puzzled looks from the pax when they saw the plates on the ground.  Those who knew, groaned.

3 man teams for 20 mins of hairburner grinders with a varying rotation of called exercises for the recovering pax.  YHC took a solo plate and worked alongside one of the teams.

Midway through, one pass of lunge walking with the plates for a breather.

Final pass on the hairburners was inchworm-style, plate on the feet.


  • Flutter X 20 IC
  • Dolly X 20 IC
  • LBC X 15 IC
  • V-UP X ?? IC (body failure)
  • Can’t remember


  • This is a fun AO with lots of options.  Consistent, friendly #powerwalker crowd out there who seem to enjoy watching us do strange things as they laugh and wave.
  • Swiss Miss showing repeated states of panic and confusion when I failed to create COP in the exact geometrical center of two different parking lots.  Given the Swiss ingenuity of products such as cheese with random asymmetrical holes, and knives with gross reusable plastic toothpicks, I can understand his difficulty at accepting such a haphazard alignment.
  • Blue Crush appears to be crushing these workouts.  I think he goes almost every day of the week now – solid.
  • SS Minnow is 60?  No way Bill!  Way Ted!.  Double Respect my friend.
  • Setting up early with the plates in the back lot, when Icicle drives up and proceeds to park directly in front of where I have lined up all of the plates.  After a little staring, he figured it out and moved.
  • TClaps to our FNG, Coltrane.  That is a strong name.  He pushed it pretty hard, but knew when to take a break from the plates.   I have been down that road before my friend, but I did not stop and spilled my guts everywhere.  Good call.
  • Q List for Mint Hill still looks extremely heavy in the Capri and Chum world.  Need more to take the load from these guys.


Prayers for the families in Columbia, SC dealing with flood recovery.  Having seen it firsthand now, it is worse than I imagined and they have a long road ahead.



6 thoughts on “Grumpy Monday

  1. Swiss Miss

    That workout needed a double disclaimer: first we start using a secret hill that seemed to be a few degrees short of 45, totally soaked in dew, and completely in the shadows of all the plethora of available lighting the AO offers. Then we start melting the pavement with (bleeped) hairburners. Seriously, the tar was starting to stick to the plate half way through.
    In short it was a great worked and totally sucked.
    Once Horsehead figures out the difference between the center of a circle (as in “circle up around me” – the more generally accepted position for a Q) and the perimeter of a circle (as in “I’m joining you boys as part of the circle” – typically where the Pax stand), he’ll b a Q force to be reckoned with.
    Glad to have DT back for the second week in a row. And it may have been O2 deprivation, but I thought I heard him say he’d be Q’ing Mint Hill Metal on Friday. The guy cannot be stopped. #inspiration

  2. Drop Thrill

    Strong showing by all, welcome Coltrane!

    Shout out to my teammates Ten Key and S.S. Minnow for showing how it’s done.

    Thanks Horse for another strong Q.

    I missed your slow, puking days, I’m starting to think you never had any. #gazelle

    I’m happy to be a goat (the Six) and a Clydesdale (big slow guy). It’s not all that bad and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll never be fast, and really don’t care to be. I’ll just stick with my strengths and keep working on those.

  3. SSMinnow

    @Horsehead … good thing I had the headlamp handy …. #darksideoftheAO

    Pushing the plates around was a new one on me…looked a little bit like a giant air hockey game, in ultra-slow motion…until we did the inch worm with the plates…that was just plain hard (good) to do

    @DropThrill, you looked quite intimidating coming toward me with your plate high-overhead….#dontgetinthatmansway

    Good partnering with you too, 10-Key

    Welcome to @F3Nation, Coletrain

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