One Is the loneliest number

This morning was similar to most.  I woke up thinking I had plenty of time. Somehow that time passed quickly and I found myself rushing to get to the clubhouse.  As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed it was empty.  I believe this is the first time there have been no pax show that was not due to weather (see last Saturday).  I know some men are on the IR and others are traveling, but far more have expressed interest in doing this couch to 5k program and completing a race this fall.  That won’t happen unless the work is put in on the front end.  If the interest has changed, let me know and I’ll adjust accordingly.


I made a quick decision to head to The Valley for a beatdown. See that backblast if you’re curious about what I did.

1 thought on “One Is the loneliest number

  1. King Louie

    Oh no Farm! After you show up to keep Buckwheat company on Monday, no one joins you on Friday. 🙁

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