…and the Farm makes 7

6, no 7, men came together at The Valley for an on-the-fly beatdown by YHC. I hope it didn’t disappoint.

– Mosey to side parking lot
– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Cotton Pickers x 15

The Thang
Mosey to back of school and admire the small track
– 10 to 1 ladder at the hill next to the track
– Merkins at bottom, WWII situps at top
– Plank when you’re done

Mosey to playground
– 3 rounds of the following exercises
– Pullups x 10
– Muscle-ups x 10
– LBCs x 10

Mosey to front of school…wait, what about the stairs, can’t forget about the stairs
– Reverse spiderman merkin up the stairs, run around and repeat for a total of 3 rounds
– YHC called an audible here after I heard some in the Pax groan (I did too), so we did two rounds, one backwards, one forwards

Mosey to Hill of Shadows and down to bridge
– 5 derkins at bottom rail
– 10 LBCs
– 3 derkins at middle rail
– 10 LBCs
– 3 merkins at top rail
– 10 LBCs
– 3 merkins at middle rail
– 10 LBCs
– 5 merkins at bottom rail
– 10 LBCs

Indian run up the Hill of Shadows back to parking lot

Pax-led Mary

– 7 men today! Much better than Monday. This is a great AO. Keep posting guys.
– Each time I looked at the bright “star” next to the Moon, I said “it’s Venus, not Uranus.” No takers though. #comedicfail
– Glad to see that Innkeeper, AJ, and ONJ have made this AO part of their weekly routine. I try to come at least each Wednesday for the cruise, but it was nice to be out here for a bootcamp. Will have to do it again soon. Now we need to get some #sadclowns from the surrounding neighborhoods to show up. Time to EH them guys.
– A few of us noticed ONJ slip off after the COT. Innkeeper said he just runs off into the woods. Definitely looked like it.
– As a reminder, the Tradition Beatdown, Chowdown is cancelled this weekend. Our F3 brothers in Columbia have called out for some help. See their “All Hands on Deck” posting here. We are coordinating a trip down from Tradition on Saturday morning. See Dutch’s pre-blast here.
– I can’t make it to Columbia tomorrow, but I’m going to at least get some supplies for our Tradition brothers to take down there. Let’s try to get even more stuff together than we did for the water run earlier this week. I will also try to organize a trip down to the Columbia and Low Country area in a few weeks. This disaster isn’t going away for a while and many people will need help. Be sure to follow the F3 Columbia twitter feed for more info: @F3Columbia. The power of F3 is incredible and I’m proud that we can share that with others. Let’s do this!

3 thoughts on “…and the Farm makes 7

  1. The Farm

    Enjoyed meeting up with you guys this morning. One of the things I enjoy about our area is how close the AOs are. It was pretty easy to be there within 10 minutes with just enough time to miss that terrible sounding ladder.

  2. BlindDate

    Jelly – good beatdown. The “Hill of Shadows” is always brutal. I think next time I will be sure to bring a light and be the “volunteer” staying in the back to shine the way. Yeah, I’m talking about you, ONJ. But kudos for getting in the mix. We’ll ignore the fact that it took a little friendly encouragement.

    Strong work by all. That is a great AO, except for the monkey bars that are a whopping 5 feet off the ground for pull ups. It’s like they built those for a bunch of elementary school kids (and The Farm)….LOL.

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