A Wise War Baby

Five Harrisburg men met at HRMS track for a 45 minute heart pounding workout that consisted of one of YHC’s favorite speed workouts: 800m repeats. This is how it went:

1600m warmup

6 x 800m repeats w/ 90 seconds between



We know who the housekeeper of the group is….tclaps to @Gapper for removing the obstacles in lane 1 during the warm-up laps…..@The Magnificent thought they were just hurdles to be jumped

@Gapper…glad you were able to complete the workout after the back issue on the first couple of repeats. Tclaps to @The Magnificent for the suggested yoga stretches to help with it.

Tclaps also to @BBQ and @The Magnificent …. all of your repeats we well below 3 minutes …. strong work

@Bearclaw … strong work, as always

Beat Down Chow Down at the Tradition AO is postponed, due to the need in Columbia for clean-up help from the damaging floods. It will be a worthwhile effort if you can help. Here is the link that describes the cleanup effort: http://f3nation.com/2015/10/08/pre-blast-beatdownchowdown-postponed-were-heading-to-columbia/

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  1. BBQ

    Always good to be running with you guys. Thanks for the push. Strong effort by everyone.

    @Magnificent – you make 800m look effortless while I’m sucking wind. Tclaps

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