Tire Flip Cinderblock Burpeefest!

8 of Tradition’s most respected showed for another recycled Iron Fist beatdown at the hands of YHC. I was running on fumes this morning after a late return home from visiting our F3 Brothers at ground zero in Columbia with some much needed refreshments and supplies.

Disclaimer given. Mosey to outback using stairs as opposed to the normal cut through. YHC didn’t want the liability of a Pax member stepping on a downed power line in the dark. Not sure it was still there, but didn’t want to find out!

Warm up:

Windmill X10IC
Cotton Picker X10IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm Circles
Hamstring stretch
Copperhead Squats X10IC – Mumble chatter started here. Not sure why our typical “low slow squat” is called a Copperhead Squat, but it’s in the Lexicon…..
Peter Parker X15IC

The Thang:

Grab a CB
10 CB Burpees – And the moaning and groaning begins here…
15 LBC’s w/ CB
9 CB Burpees – Moaning and growning gets worse when the Pax senses a pattern…
15 LBC’s w/ CB
8 CB Burpees
15 LBC’s w/ CB
7 CB Burpees
10 W’s w/ CB
6 CB Burpees
10 W’s w/ CB
5 CB Burpees – Good news, we’re not going all the way down the ladder and this is the last set of CB Burpees!
10 W’s w/ CB

Get in groups of 3 and grab a tire and 2 CB’s per group. Each partner rotates through each of the three stations noted below.
Partners 1 & 2: 1 min. of tandem shoulder presses with tire. Partner 3: 1 min. of CB Squats. Rotate stations till all complete.
Partners 1 & 2: 1 min. of WWII Sit Ups w/ CB. Partner 3: 1 min. of Tire Flips. Rotate through stations till all complete.

Repeato on 1 min. stations with following exercises (each partner goes through each station):
Partner 1: Tire flip, jump throughs
Partner 2: 1 min. of chest presses w/ CB
Partner 3: 1 min. curls w/ CB.

Get in groups of two (and one group of three): Tire flip burpee partner medley the length of the outback field and back. Put tires back.

1 min. AMRAP skull crushers w/ CB. 1 min. AMRAP Sumo Squats w/ CB.

Mosey back to parking lot for MARY.

Low Flutter X20IC. HOLD Homer. Low Dolly X20IC. HOLD Homer. Homer to Marge X3 slow five count. AND WE’RE DONE!


1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead men, enjoyed it as always!
2) After a slow start, we got warmed up pretty quick. Great work by everyone this morning, especially the #RESPECTS!
3) Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in SC and elsewhere who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin.
4) Iron Wolf is doing a Movember fund raising event again. Kickoff party is Oct. 30, I believe. Look for an e-mail or two on this. Let’s support him!
5) Beatdown/Chowdown is this Saturday @ 0700. HC and be there!

3 thoughts on “Tire Flip Cinderblock Burpeefest!

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown @Buckwheat as usual, all the more so given your charitable donation of time and money in helping those in need in Columbia and not returning to 11:00 last night!

  2. Gazebo

    Good job by You and Dingo for traveling down to Columbia with the much needed water and supplies!!!

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