Dora 2, 4, 6, we did it!

Cool brisk Autumn morning primed to help Dora, Boots, Backpack, and Map to the mineshaft and back…


  • 25 SSH
  • 25 IST
  • 25 CP


Mosey to mineshaft

Dora 2, 4, 6 Partner Up:

  • 1 up the mineshaft and back down while the other partner starts the exercises which were completed by a running count –
    • 200 merkens
    • 400 air squats
    • 600 KGBs

Mosey back to Mary


  • 20 low flutters
  • 20 LBCs


Two teams finished, the rest almost completed and this was tougher than expected.. the Q is beat and sore.  Max effort by all, legs spent low chatter today!

Thanks for allowing me to Q once again, hey that’s 2 in 2 weeks so back off me now!

Ever wonder how Dora is 4 years old and speaks multiple languages but can’t find things right beside her???



1 thought on “Dora 2, 4, 6, we did it!

  1. McFeely

    Never thought a workout would be named after Dora the Explorer. Saw it in the back lasts and had to read it!

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