Chilly and Wet

Seven PAX braved the wind and puddles in the gloom this morning. YHC wished he had layered up as the wind was kickin’ at the Vet this morning.


Mosey to lower parking lot

SSH x 15

IM x 15

Windmills x 10


The Thang

Mosey to shelter near squash court

Grab your favorite spot at picnic table

Derkins x 10

Jump squats x 10

Dips x 10

Repeato x 3


Diamond x 10

Step ups x 10

Balls to wall x 10 count

Repeato x 3


Mosey to tennis court

Run to first line and back

Carolina Dry Dock x 10

Run to second line and back

Wide Merkin x 10

Run to third line and back

Make something up on your own

Run to fourth line (YHC had serious mental issues with the concept that there was an additional court)

Make something up on your own



Mosey to hill

Jacob’s ladder 1-7 burpees (or super-burpees if you feel super)

Bear crawl up hill, walk down



Lap around track



LBC x 10 IC

Freddie Murkery x 10 IC



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead today. Keep Columbia, SC in your prayers.