No Hate or Hate-Hates in the Rain!

A proud and strong 6-PAX showed for an Epic Hammer beatdown, drenchdown!  The cold and wet was short lived and the adrenaline and fellowship guided the rest of the hour.  It went a little something like this…

Mosey to warmarama.

  • SSH x 30something until Alcatraz joined the PAX arriving a few minutes late (he didnt know he was the clock)
  • Running with Scissors x 15
  • Windmill x 15
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Merkins x 10

Mosey to small hill for an 8 to 2 ladder with Burpees at the top and CDD at the bottom.  Mosey to RipRap Rockpile and grab your own.  Mosey to Shelter with extra’s along the way, Rock Tricep extensions, rock curls, rock shoulder presses.

Peoples chair outside the shelter with balls to the wall for a 10 count x 3

Peoples chair air presses x 15, peoples chair leg raises – each leg, —-Pause in action by Hammer who was under attack but quickly recovered.

Under the shelter Rock workout led by Buckwheat as Hammer was falling victim to a fierce army of attach once more…. A vicious army of ants found refuge perched atop Hammer’s RipRap rock that looked so appealing sitting atop the rest of the pile serving no purpose while the other rocks were hard at work slowing the surge of floodwaters from this epic 300-year storm.  Hmmm, I’ll grap this one, Hammer said.  Sound off Buckwheat with the workout as Hammer was busy battling the red ants.

Hammer finally won the battle and rejoined the PAX for the following:

LBC with Rock x 25 (Conchito)

W ups with Rock x 20 (Conchito)

skull crushers x 15 (I think, led by Alcatraz)

LBC’s with Chest presses x 15 (Hammer)

something x something (led by Sugar, sorry bro, recovering from ant bites)

low, high, full arm curls x 7 each (led by Major Payne)

10 each pull ups, step ups, derkins x 3

20 each dips, incline merkins x 2 (returning rocks in between-Hammer was happy and put the rock in a better place to serve its purpose and not be a perch for the ants….HA!)

Apollo Ohno’s x 25

Mosey to Mary.  Along the way serpentine the big hill.  Sugar was busted taking the less muddy route and called out by Hammer…


  • Superman (group song from “Greatest American Hero” as an encore from Thursdays workout – Thanks Alcatraz)….and banana x 3.  The rain was awesome.
  • Crunchy Frogs x 15
  • JLo x 15 
  • COT/thee Moleskin
    • The PAX made a keen observation, Two respects and the rest forty-somethings…. where were the hates and hate-hates?  #fairweatherfriends
    • I felt like a kid today running through the puddles.  It was awesome and invigorating.
    • Thank you PAX for showing up!
    • Yes, thanks, I am ok after the ant battle! #drama
    • Hammer is looking for a few good men to help load a uhaul for the inlaws after next Saturdays workout for about an hour.  Coffee will be provided in lieu of coffeeteria!  HC in the comments.
    • F3 Haiti PAX – You are in our Prayers.  God be with you!




4 thoughts on “No Hate or Hate-Hates in the Rain!

  1. Hammer Post author

    Pleasure leading you men. Hope you can Help with the inlaw move next saturday for coffeeteria. 10/10. HC here.

  2. Buckwheat

    Good lead today, @Hammer. It was pretty nasty out there, but still fun none the less! I think it was 40 SSH’s while waiting for Alcatraz…. However, I skipped about five of those as my calves were on fire!

    Glad you got the ant problem solved. @Major Payne and I couldn’t see a thing w/ all the rain and darkness. As for the first few rock exercises, we did rock flutter chest press x15 IC followed by rock merkins x10IC each side.

    Not a good day after a Beatdown for your car key fob battery to die…. Glad I wasn’t the last person to my car. That would’ve been a long run home to get my spare key. Thanks for the lift @Hammer, truly appreciate it!

  3. Alcatraz

    I apologize for my tardiness and making the PAX do extra SSH. Unfortunately my singing voice during Superman does nothing to redeem myself.

    @Hammer – great lead! Sorry the ants couldn’t just enjoy the ride and stay in their rock.

    Honored to be part of #TheJoaquinSix!

  4. Sugar

    Great lead @Hammer! I was sore last week and a bit sore today. I also found a few ant bites as well; please keep them to yourself next time! @MajorPain, I’m still alive and kicking so you can cross 1 of the 2 things that melt in the rain off your list! Great posting with you!

    Really great weathering the storm with you guys yesterday!!

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