Nice Beatdown And Nice Pax

14 of Traditions nicest pax joined us on a very nice morning for an all around nice beatdown in the gloom.  I hope it wasn’t too nice.  All niceties aside, here’s what went down:


Mosey to Warmorama

Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Cotton Pickers x15
Winmills x15
Merchens X10

Mosey to Haunted Kindergarden
Burpees x10
Lunge to far side
Merken x!0
Mosey down to bottom of hill to the far side
Bear Crawl to far side
Merken x!0
Mosey down to bottom of hill to the far side
Side Plank Crawl to far side
Merken x10

Mosey to Wall of Death
Balls to the Wall x1 min
Peoples’ Chair x1min
Balls to the Wall x30s
Peoples’ Chair x30s

Mosey to Parking Lot
Partner Up
Alternating Partner Plank Derkin X 10
Run around church
Alternating Partner Sit up
Run around church
Partner Patty Cake Merkens x10
Run around church
Alternating Partner Leg Lifts & Push x10
Mosey to Sprints

Spring across parking and back X2

Mosey to mary

Homer to Marge
Mason Twists


Nice morning for a beatdown – not so humid.
The mumble chatter was nice – very courteous. I think Dingo was the nicest. I noticed Dingo let Pharoh beat him in a sprint – that was very nice. Some of the pax need nice Q training – Pharoh and Landlord were definitely tried to confuse the Q.  Was that nice?  Hmm.  I don’t think so.  Fortunately, Dingo will be leading Q training soon. Thanks Pax for the nice opportunity to lead the beatdown this morning. It was more than nice to see Icicle – great seeing you, brother. You are missed.  See you in the gloom!

7 thoughts on “Nice Beatdown And Nice Pax

  1. Dingo

    This beatdown started a little slowly for me. But it picked up speed and I found myself gasping for breath at the end! Choo choo!!! I’m coming for you front runners! Knee injury behind me! It’s time to sharpen some Iron! In the nicest way possible!

    Thanks for competition on the sprints @Pharoah, icicle and Landord! Though Landlord did wait until Phroah and I were gassed to turn on his impressive afterburners! But he turned them on nicely, well at least he was smiling as he blazed past us!

  2. Guinness Post author

    I was impressed with the sprint/run/mosey around the church. Yeah, that last sprint, Landlord, was very nice. I think Dingo just dropped the mic or gauntlet or somethin’.

  3. Man Down

    My computer just started freezing up with all this syrupy “niceness” coming across its screen…yuck!

  4. Icicle

    It was great seeing you all again I had a lot of fun with that train and Dingo is right I think Landlord waited for that last sprint :-)I hope to post again with all of you but the next one would be at the precinct.

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