Backdraft is back

12 Pax gathered on a balmy Sept morning, for a colossal make it up as you go beatdown

SSH x 25

IST’s x 25

Cotton Pickers x 25

High Knees x 2

Karaoke x 2

Butt Kickers x 2

Mosey to Forrest Hills

Merkins 3 sets x 10, Wide, Standard, Diamond Base Grip

Partner Squats x 25

Mosey to Urination Station (City Parking Deck)

Partner up

Ascend Opposing stairways to 4th floor

Cliffhanger Merkins x 20

Crunchy Frogs x 20

Slap Merkins x 20

Descend Opposing stairway to first floor

Back to back preachers chair 1 minute

Rinse and Repeat minus one floor each descent

Mosey to Mary – Out of Time

I did post, I did Q, I did complete, so suck it!

Honor to lead you guys again the run went longer than expected (my bad) which ate up the Thang time, but maybe considering the odoriferous emanation (urination station) not such a bad thing. I agree with BCR, with so many bushes around why pee in the stairway.  No time for Mary but a good morning in all.


Notable items:

MIA – Grover, Exit, Abogado, Doolittle (its alright guys fear is a good thing!)

PSA – Knives are sharp don’t play with them.

FYI – Indy will be down awhile in Oct. can someone volunteer to pick Tick up!