Intervals O Pain

9 soggy men met in the gloom this morning for soaking wet interval run though the hood.  Good to have Man Down back after a 12 day recovery from ( I think a cough ) and while Iron Wolf almost missed it, he slid in just in time….And you can always expect some calamity from Prison Fruit, apologizing to our friendly neighbors for the front yard acid burn…..

The Thang:

Warm Up

20 SSH

20 Wind Mills

20 IST

20 Cotton Pickers


2 mile run – 2 minute run / 1 minute pain stations – see station details below

Push Ups

WWI Sit Ups

Burpees ( 2 Minutes plus, darn ap )


Jump Squats



Head to the Gun Range for partner assisted push ups, 60 per team. ( 3 man tea 90 )


Russian Twist

Low Flutters

Frog Crunch

Pretzel Crunch

and That’s a wrap……

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Hot Wheels has 1 slot open on his Mud Run Team and an already paid for ticket – contact him to take that slot.



5 thoughts on “Intervals O Pain

  1. Man Down

    @Hot Wheels: Creative and thorough workout! We ran, but not too much. And we got to engage every major muscle group. It was great to be back!
    @Neon: Enjoyed the 2nd F conversation with you during the run. Although I noticed you were very skilled at asking one-word questions that required multi-sentence answers! #savingyourbreath?
    @Pax: Sign up to Q a beatdown at The Precinct. Here’s the link:

    1. Neon

      @Man Down, I enjoyed the 2nd F too… What can I say? I am a good listener 🙂 Welcome back!

      Thanks Hot Wheels for a killer beatdown.

  2. Prison Fruit

    Burned that bush!!

    Liked the tour of the neighborhood next door!

    Nice to have some Precincter’s back in the gloom @DirtyBird @Reverend

    See you all thursday for some Blueberries and Applesauce!

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