Honey, where’s my Preparation H?

15 men arose to the glorious sound of their alarm clocks to see how wet they could get. Lucky for them, they started out dry and finished with shirts, shorts, and shoes you could wring out. Here’s what commenced at 0530…

WARM-UP (x = cadence):
SSH x 30
Windmill x 10
Squats x 15
Merkins x 10
Mountain climbers x 10

Mosey to the soccer practice fields. Avoid the sprinklers (might get wet) and head towards the back of the field (ahh, much dryer over here).

10 merkins, run across field, 1 plank jack, run back
9 merkins, run across field, 2 plank jacks, run back
Repeato until 1 merkin/10 plank jacks

Enough of the flat field, mosey to The Ridge.

100s (YHC had a thing for numbers today)
Perform 100 reps of said exercise OYO – 20 at bottom, 20 at top, 20 more at bottom, 20 more at top, and finally 20 more at bottom.
Mountain climbers

LBC x 25 OYO
Al Gore for 10:00+/-

5:00 Plank w/merkins thrown in until PAX starts wobbling



  • Good to lead this morning’s workout. It had been way too long for YHC. Think the rain kept the mubblechatter to a minimum.
  • A member of the PAX (who will remain nameless) indicated… wet conditions + running + LBC + Al Gore may require some hemorrhoid cream. #nocomment
  • Yes @Bull, YHC’s #Wienke is his proverbial plankie. #FeartheWienke
  • Any of the PAX looking for style tips on what to wear/not wear when you post see @Posh.
  • Great to see @SockMonkey back out. You picked a good one. Keep it up and you’ll see the benefits.

5 thoughts on “Honey, where’s my Preparation H?

    1. BBQ Post author

      I as thinking while we were out sloshing around in the grass that today felt more like a Schedule C lead.

  1. escalade

    Wait. I thought Schedule C was leading it. Rain. Mud, laying in mud, running through mud puddles. And a really painful workout.. Tclaps BBQ… The 5 min plank was impossiable! Total BS on that one!

    1. Posh :p

      Great lead this AM, BBQ. 5 min plank. .that was painful. Just one more thing to work up to.
      The temp was above 40 so I know Schedule C was not leading this morning. 😛

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