Brick Beatdown – we’re only counting to five… I think.

13 melt resistant Pax showed for an attempted brick infused beatdown by YHC – with an idea to keep the count simple and low – with all exercises only counting up to 5. And it would have worked had not YHC lost focus… about 4 exercises in to the gloomy, misty, wet morning… Thankfully the master Q of the AO universe of Meca was quick to catch the flaw and from there on it only got worse…then a little better. But alas too late… where the pax started piling on… for some humbling mumbling…

Warmorama – Dutch mosey to  back parking lot – with  a few but kickers, high knees, stoli skips thrown in for good measure. -# doasIsaynotasIdo.

With a slow low count of 5: IC – SSH, CP’s CDD’s Merks, Windmills, Peter Parkers — that’s where I lost focus and did a 7 count- confusing some of our pax….

off to the outback for:

Partner up for: 1-5 Pull up/bicep curls

Then pick up some bricks for a altered Jack Webb ladder — or something like that- Call it a Dutch Webb.

We started off with a FIA version much to the shagrin of many high performing, high expectation pax – who have come to expect more of Dutch’s Q… slighty off track and with a regaining of focus, we went back and did it right

1 brick merk then 5 brick shoulder press,

2 brick merk then 5 brick shoulder press+5 lateral arm lifts,

3 brick merks+5 brick shoulder press+5 lateral arm lifts+5extended arm lifts,

4 Brick merks then 5 brick shoulder press+5 lateral arm lifts+5extended arm lifts,5Brick tomahawks

5 brick merks  then 5 brick shoulder press+5 lateral arm lifts+5extended arm lifts,5 Brick tomahawks+5 bicep curls.

Pick up bricks and mosey to haunted day care for a 1-5 progression with bricks of course

1 brick burpee – run to other side for 1 low slow squat – back to other side for 2 brick burpees – etc.

Repeato doing a Carolina Dry Dock/Hands free Merkin combo – Pax favorite as we got a chance to get wetter…

Off to the Peoples chair wall – for a peoples chair +5 brick shoulder press+5 lateral arm lifts+5extended arm lifts – Recover as we were running out of time…

Back to Outback to drop off bricks and head over to the lot for a few wet MARY’s

Pretzel stick,Extended leg LBC,W and Plank Jack – all ICx5.



Wet brick moleskin-

Thanks guys -Always good to get the pax going with a little something to mumble about… glad I could accommodate- have to work on my focus…. seem to get distracted by other things rambling around my cranium…Always a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men.

Dick Tracy – welcome to Charlotte ( Harrisburg) officially- after 13 months of commuting, were glad you are able to settle w/ your family in the area. Keep shedding the lbs brother- Blessings to you and your family-


6 thoughts on “Brick Beatdown – we’re only counting to five… I think.

  1. BlindDate

    Great workout @Dutch. My shoulders definitely got their fair share of work today, but it felt good. Two things:
    1. I can’t believe i’m the first one to point out that you glossed over your mis-counting during Peter Parkers because you were “staring into the eyes of your wife”. Definitely added some comic relief and jump started the mumble chatter. We are glad you were able to tear yourself away this morning to give us a beatdown instead (pun intended).
    2. Did anyone else notice the Q take a break during the people’s chair marathon so that he could give us a demonstration? Somehow that didn’t make the backblast so thought I would add it. Your welcome.

  2. Buckwheat

    Enjoyed it this morning despite the nasty weather. It’s good to be back home and in the gloom. Missed the mumble charter tremendously. Thanks for giving us plenty to talk about @Dutch!

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