Paradise by the Pepsi machine lights

6 regulars posted for this week’s edition of Harrisburg Iron. We work out in all kinds of nasty weather, but still prefer to stay dry while swinging kettlebells around, so under the shelter we went. The Pepsi machine provided all the light YHC needed to read the scribbled #weinke.


SSH x15
Windmill x10
ISS x10
Hand-Release Mericans x10

The Main Event
3 rounds of 4 sets of 5 different exericses….with reps of 10, 15, 10, and 1 minute AMRAP

Round 1
Pretzel Sit-ups
Single Arm Bridged KB Decline Press (or whatever Schedule C said)
KB Pullovers
KB High Rows
KB Reverse Curls

Round 2
Low Flutters
Single Arm KB Flys
KB Dead Lifts
KB Shoulder Presses
KB Triceps Extensions

Round 3
KB Crossover Mericans
KB Lawn Mowers
Single Arm O/H KB Presses
KB Outhouse Curls
(only made it through two sets this round… time)

COT – prayers for Drop Thrill

Dry Moleskin
1. Still my favorite workout of the week; thanks for letting me lead.
2. If bringing the most kettlebells/dumbbells to a workout was a sport, Clueless would be champion of the world.
3. I must have been doing it right as Tumbler didn’t heckle “correct” the Q once today. Or he was just tired from yesterday.
4. If TBone, Tumbler and Clueless have their way, I think we’ll all be using 50#s sooner than later.
5. Strong work by Helga as well. Doesn’t say much, just works his arse off.
6. Finally got Schedule C’s honorary BRR shirt to him as we haven’t seen each other in several weeks as one of us hasn’t been posting. Can’t say which one, but it’s not him. As a side, his band, Analog Daze, is celebrating the release of their new CD with a show on 10/17 at the Double Door Inn. Clown Car anyone?

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “Paradise by the Pepsi machine lights

  1. Othello

    Sorry I missed this, sounded like a good one. I worked the Luke Bryant concert last night and moved enough cases of beer & ice, in the rain, to mimic one of our KB workouts. At the end of it all I put on my F3 poncho and ran 1 mile back to my car in the rain at midnight. Can you say #fartsack? Looking forward to the Murph on Monday and KB’s next week. Stay strong men! Aye!

  2. Clueless

    Good stuff @Gamma! This is my favorite workout too. However, I’ll leave the 50#s to the young bucks.

    Missed you @Othello… sounds like you got a solid workout last night.

  3. TBone

    Good workout this morning @Gamma! I didn’t hear any complaints as time ran out on Round 3. Based on how the weight was feeling this morning, I don’t think the 50’s will be in my future anytime soon.

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