KB in the Rain

Two brave and courageous men met at Tradition for a KB workout.  Maybe the memo didn’t get delivered to the rest of the PAX that F3 men workout in the rain!  The Q was a no show…..so Gazebo and King Julian’s morning workout in the rain went something like this…..


15 Side Straddle Hops

15 Imperial Storm troopers

15 Cotton pickers

15 Shoulder presses

15 Curls

15 Sumo squats

15 Tri-cep extensions

Repeat 3x

15 KB sings

10 Lunges (each leg)

15 Dutch cucumbers (each arm)

Repeat 3x


Prayer for Gazebo’s friend who died…peace for family and for Gazebo to be support to family and friends.

9 thoughts on “KB in the Rain

  1. King Louie

    Aw, only 2? I figured there might be 3 or 4. (As a quick note, I went ahead and said a prayer for Gazebo and his friend’s family and friends)

    I could’ve been a 3… but I walked out my door at 5AM and saw it was still raining pretty big in my area. Decided I didn’t want to get soaked and sit drenched in the still mostly brand new car yet so…..

    Stayed home and did:
    ~25 min of yoga (inspired by @Mountaineer on Wednesday!)
    30 x ‘merkins
    25 x burpees
    20 x derby double taps (without @Dutch they can be safe!)
    20 x LBCs
    30 x bicycles (whatever it’s called)
    15 x pretzel crunches, each arm
    5 x Homer to Marge medley with 10 seconds for lowering legs

    I should’ve done some KB Swings I suppose, but they feel too worthless with the light kb I have at home. Also I can’t help but notice there was no wet ground Mary going on there!

        1. The Farm

          Lol that’s right. King Louie was in his house warm and dry and then took time from eating a croissant and drinking coffee to point out no Mary in the cold rain. I wouldn’t take that KJ!

          1. King Louie

            Hey now, I walked out the door and into the rain at least before turning around!

            Not to mention with the distance to F3 and work from where I live, I don’t think I could actually make it on time with Charlotte’s traffic caused by it’s wonderful drivers + rain. At least I still worked out from about 5AM to 6AM. So I chose to spare my new car’s leather seats and my new job’s attendance 😛

            Also no croissant… Just coffee and wonderful insurance company “your call is very important to us please stay on the line” messages.

  2. The Farm

    Good job @King Julian and @Gazebo! Someone commented about the rain this morning at DL and I quickly reminded them that F3 men don’t let a little rain bother them!

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