Davis Lake C25K Training Part 1

4 pax fought the urge to remain in the fartsack, braved the cooler and wetter outdoors, and came together for part 1 of the Davis Lake C25K training program.  It went something like this:

Left out of Davis Lake Club House Parking Lot

Left onto David Cox Road

Out to playground at David Cox Elementary that has pull up bars (been keeping these in my back pocket for a while…we will see them again)

Back to the clubhouse

Extended Mary:

Stretches shared by the pax


-I almost overslept this morning…glad I didn’t!

-Great effort by all and great 2nd F.  Maybe when it’s not raining, we can pick up the pace a little bit.

-Bringing headlamps to these going forward is a good idea.  The pax were prepared!

-Remember, download the zenlabs couch to 10k program and complete the other two days of week 1 before we get together for week 2 next Friday.  If you weren’t able to make it this morning, get started and join us for week 2!

Have a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Davis Lake C25K Training Part 1

        1. Grinder

          The route will be the front 9 of the golf course which actually is pretty flat, it will be a piece of cake…. HC’s?

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