The Hills have eyes -3

27 of Highlands bravest deciding to make the best decision they will make today and laced them up to do some hill work in the Highlands.

Warm up: Mosey to center parking lot with

Knee upss….

Side skip left

Side skip right

25 x SSH

25 x Windmill

15 x Imperial Squat Walker

15 x Merkins

The Thing:

Mosey to Hill at the entrance.

8 to 1 ladder. Sumo at the top. WW2 sit up at the bottom

Mosey down back road to hills by the softball fields. Along the way the pax stopped for 50 meters of GBS (Google Bun Shapers). Watch out for cars!

Once at the hill.

8 to 1 ladder.  Jumping Lunge at the top. Merkins at the bottom. Quadraphilia up .


Mosey to hill behind school.

7 to 1 ladder.  Air-squats at the top and Burpees at the bottom.


Mosey to Wall.

Peoples chair with one leg raised for 10 seconds. Run up hill with cheerleader jump at top.

Balls to the Wall. Run up hill with Cheerleader jump at the top.

Jailbreak to Mary.


25 x Low Flutter

15 x Pretzel Crunch

5 x Burpee.



I was a little worried when I posted and only saw a small handful of men in the parking lot. But @Murdoch and @Conchito told me not to worry that the PAX would show. They were not wrong, as the PAX showed up in force @ 27 strong!! This is the third installment of the hills have eyes workout. I hate and love this workout.  Plus, the fastest way to keep Chopper quiet is to get him running some hills!  I think everyone got their money’s worth.Welcome to former FNG Jacob “Vector”. Nanny will expect a full report on Airplane at the next beat-down.

Please keep the PAX traveling to Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. Please give freely as they are looking for donations. Please contact Col. Mustard for details.

Always a pleasure to lead the fine men of Highlands.



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  1. Grinder

    Good lead today @Google. I am a bit disappointed that there was no Sally…. (Not really)

    @Chopper & @ Glock, thanks for the push on that second ladder. You guys definitely kept me from slowing down when I wanted to so bad

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