Spades killed mumble chatter!!

Gave F3 disclaimer (something I always wing)

Mosey around the clubhouse (high knees, butt kickers); SSH x20 IC; IST x20 IC; Bicycle x20 IC; Low Dolly x20

Mosey to Field (Midway to field – 10 LBCs to wait on the 6)

The Thang

(Test run of each exercise to 3 IC)

Deck of Death

Merkins (Diamonds) 52

LBCs (Hearts) 42

Squats (Clubs) 37

Sprints (Spades from one point to end – approximately 40 yards in distance) 55 (in the dark!) The Q will be better prepared for the next beat down by bringing light and significant run markers.

Jokers (Q’s choice). None played but funny enough, it was the next card.


Peter Parkers X20 IC

The W x15 IC

Low Flutter x20

Pretzel Crunch x10 IC (Flapjack afterwards)

Homer to Marge medley (Led by @Preamble)

Airborne MB

Previous prayer request answered! Happy to hear the children we prayed for have returned to school and are getting past the horrifying events they experienced.

Announcements: Chowdown beat down is Oct. 10 @ Tradition.

As always, I appreciate the chance to lead the PAX. God is Great!!

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  1. The Farm

    Missed you guys this morning. With @Dingo on IR and @Forgotten Jelly out sick, YHC stepped in to make @Coyote’s V boot camp Q not so easy for him. Looks like a solid workout. Don’t know how you guys were able to see during all of this. See you tomorrow!

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