Finding Our Drishti

Five pax challenged their strength, flexibility and balance in the morning gloom.


  • Apollo Ono x 20
  • People’s Chair w/leg lifts
  • People’s Chair Air Press x20

The Thang

In this order, sorta, kinda (ITOSK):

  • Wide-Legged Series: Forward Fold series, Walk hands out to plank-Merkins x10, Yurpees- 10 OYO, Side-Lunge OYO~ 6 each side, Atlas-to-Star~ 8 reps, Yogi Squat, **Challenge Pose: Crow**, Cotton Pickers x15, Windmill x10
  • Howl at the Moon series, 6 reps. Includes: Mountain, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Plank, Cobra or Up Dog, Down Dog, Lunge.
  • Balance Series: Down Dog, Three Point, Right Lunge, Crescent, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Warrior Three, Tree, Tree w/twist, Figure Four w/squat, Crescent, Plank, Up Dog. Repeato other leg.
  • 2.0 pose, 2.0 with spinal twist R/L, Cat/Cow.
  • Boat, Bridge, Boat, **Challenge Pose: Wheel**, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Ball, Eye of the Needle R/L.
  • LBC x30
  • Oblique Crunch x20

COT w/Road Warriors


  1. As always Warior One is the best thing we do all week: a good workout, stretch and body recovery coupled with a calming of the mind.
  2. Drishti is a point of focus where the gaze rests during a posture and meditation practice–gazing outward while bringing awareness inward.  It is much needed for those balancing poses, which seem to challenge the pax more than any other poses.



2 thoughts on “Finding Our Drishti

  1. SSMinnow

    @Deuce … thanks for the well planned and executed stretching workout … it was just what I needed after Othello’s 6″ x 6″ flogging yesterday

  2. Othello

    Thanks @Deuce for helping me find my Drishti, never knew it was lost but glad I have it back! Excellent Hamstring stretching today.

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