A Fall Run in The ‘Burg

Six men and a dog started, but seven men (plus two dogs) finished the first run of Fall 2015. Frankly, there wasn’t a lot of forethought in this one, just wanted to stay off the main roads.

The Thang

  • Start at Town Hall, out Main Street
  • Left on Roberta Rd
  • Right on Parallel Dr
  • Over Morehead Rd, onto Valhalla Dr.
  • Right on Williams Rd, (Roller Coaster) Straight on Lakeview Dr (Devils Hill), turn around at Hudson Dr. (Pick up the Six)
  • Down Lakeview Dr, up Williams Rd,  Pick up the Six at Valhalla Dr.
  • Over Morehead Rd on to Parallel Dr
  • Right on Patricia Ave (up Pork Chop Biscuit Hill x 1.5) (Pick up @BanjoBoy and Dixie)
  • Right on Plaza Dr.
  • Left on School Ave.
  • Left on Parallel Dr
  • Right on Roberta Rd
  • Left on Physicians Blvd (Lose @FlipPhone)
  • Right on Kee Ln, Straight on Carl Parmer Dr
  • Right on Main St (Back to Town Hall)

I got 5.14 mi (http://tpks.ws/oIrp1)  Some got more, others got less.

COT/BOM ( w/ Warrior One)



  • #F3Hoops on Sundays.  Reach out to @Clueless for details.
  • Convergence at Mint Hill on 10/3/2015.  @Deuce has the scoop
  • No Q yet for Thursday.  @Deuce will do it if no one else does…something about 200 Burpees?
  • Harrisburg Food Pantry has on going needs that we can help meet.  Bring nonperishable food to any post (paper bags are preferred.) I will make sure it gets there.


  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead men.  I am stronger because of you.
  • Great work @BearClaw and @FlipPhone.  Pretty soon we aren’t going to have to trick you into running the whole five miles
  • @TheMagnificent looked strong out there today, he makes those hills look effortless
  •  Missed some of the regulars…time to man up and get out of the #FartSack.


Solo Cup

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