Tire beatdown at Tradition

YHC had the Q today and thought we needed to use the tires. A total of 12 men showed up and didn’t seem as excited about it as I was. It went like this.

– Mosey around parking lot
– SSH x 12
– Cotton Pickers x 12
– IST x 12

The Thang
– Mosey to outback and everyone got a tire
– 10 pullups and 10 dips (gotta use the pullup and dip bars since we are going to lose them soon)

We formed a circle and did three rounds of the following exercises
– Tire Flips x 30
– Tire farmer walk (2x around the circle)
– Burpees x 10
– Tire incline merkins x 20
– Tire decline merkins x 20
– Tire lateral jumps x 20

Put up the tires and did 10 more pullups and 10 more dips

Mosey back to outback for some quick Mary

– Strong showing this morning guys. There wasn’t a lot of mumblechatter. I hope that’s because you were working hard.
– Thanks for taking us out Gentle Grizzly.
– I’ve been thinking that we need to us the tires more. I hope others enjoyed it.
– Who am I kidding, those tires suck! But we will see them again.
– Thanks to our Valley brothers, Innkeeper and Ajax, for checking out Tradition this morning.
– Glad we were able to use the pullup and dip bars before they are gone for a little while.
– It was nice to see the three men from Precinct show up to use the pullup and dip bars. Pharaoh had a lot to say when he came over. I think he wasn’t working hard enough. He seemed to quiet down when I asked where his clipboard was.
– Keep Neon in your thoughts and prayers over the next several days as he begins his 3 day hike in honor of his daughter.

8 thoughts on “Tire beatdown at Tradition

  1. Guinness

    Great beatdown, Jelly. Very creative mixing things up with the tires. The decline merckens were toughest for me.

  2. RibShack

    @ForgottenJelly- those farmer walks are no joke….seems easy on paper but a LOT heavier on the wrists & arms than one would think. Good beat down.

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Good beatdown @forgottenjelly. I’d say – those tires are heavy – especially the walk with them. You challenged us to go around the circle twice and the second time I made it! My shoulders and wrists are sore right now which is good. The more we do those tire walks the stronger I am able to do that part. It hits muscles other exercises do not seem to hit. As many exercises – I don’t like it when I am doing it – but like it afterwards.

  4. Neon

    Terrific beatdown this morning, Jelly. My overarching goal today was No Injuries for which I am glad to say I was successful. Looking forward to my walkabout starting tomorrow.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers on this anniversary. Hard to believe it has been three years since I’ve seen my daughter. If you have kids, give them a hug and tell them you love them… just because.

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Good luck tomorrow brother. I’ll be thinking about you. And yes, I do have kids and will make sure I give them a big hug when I pick them up today.

  5. BlindDate

    Good beatdown Jelly. Definitely needed that. We don’t use those tires as much as we could. I’m not saying that I like them, but just thought it was worth mentioning. Jumping in and out of those tires was by far the most exhausting thing.

    Did anyone else see that “other” group’s workout? I think it went something like this — do 5 pull ups, count to 500 while watching the real men carry, jump, flip w/ their tires.

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