“Old Glory” Comes to Davis Lake!!

9 unsuspecting men descended upon the clubhouse this morning, not knowing what was in store.  I include myself in this because, I’d planned a workout but did not sign up to lead in case a man wanted to step up to Q.  When I arrived, @King Julian asked if I had the Q to which YHC responded, “Sure, but you won’t like it!”  There was even an FNG in the group, to whom I apologize a) for exclaiming, “Oh crap!” when I was told he was new and b) for this being your first beatdown.  Anyway, I’ve been telling the pax to try out some of the various WIBs in the area as they are great for measuring your fitness progression.  If you don’t travel to the beatdown, the beatdown will travel to you!  Today’s WIB was Old Glory, a WIB that pays tribute to the stars and stripes, concocted by @Dingo of #Tradition from Tasmania (ummmm???).  Confusing, I know.  I hope the workout was more clear.  It went as follows:

The Thang:

Start at Old Glory

Run 1 mile

Station 1 – 20 Merkins

Station 2 – 20 Jump Squats

Station 3 – 20 CDDs (No Pull Up bars YET)

Station 4 – 20 WWII Sit-Ups

Touch the Flag

Approximate distance of one round = 0.4 miles

AMRAP until 6am

Man in front grabs Old Glory (INCLUDING the shovel) and run 1 mile.  If he is passed, passing man grabs the flag.


Determined by the pax


1) Great push by everyone out there. This is a you v. you workout. If/when we do this in the future, we won’t all stay together for that first round like today.
2) Since C25K training is starting this week, I thought it’d be a good idea to do this as a baseline for the pax to know where they are running wise…you’ll be surprised by your progress in a few months.
3) Special shout outs to @King Julian who couldn’t resist the coolness of running with the flag and grabbing it for the first half of the second mile, to @Amoeba for sandbagging and stealing it from YHC, and then to @King Julian again for reminding us all of his title as fastest man at Davis Lake and stealing it from @Amoeba.


Beatdown/Chowdown at Tradition on Saturday, October 10th. Please Hard Commit (HC) on the preblast here if you’re going.

It was a pleasure leading you men!

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