Flat out Speed (with the emphasis on flat)

Yes, this is four (or so) days late, but it’s posted. Wonder how long it will take me to write up my BRR summaries… well, on to the BB…

YHC seems to be making a lot of bad decisions lately… like jumping in on the neighborhood aerator rental the day after returning from BRR #justsayno. Yet another example… sitting in the Chicago airport at 8pm Thursday night catching up on personal texts and see that @Stoli is looking for a Q for speed the following day. No takers, eh? Why not. HC, @Stoli. Tucking into the fartsack around 1:30am later that night, YHC had made another decidedly questionable call on raising his hand. Can’t change it now so, let’s roll into the gloom.

Four strong posted including a weighed down @Derby, an unusually tempered @Chopper and a fellow BRR addict in recovery in @TheNanny #repat. While the @SmilingMountainGoat wanted more hills, YHC decided we just need some flat out speed… and I mean FLAT. To the track.

Warmup: Firehouse loop and up to the track. Hop the fence or, if you’re @BRRQtoendallQs (that was masterful, brother,) you line up some garbage can contraption. How DID you make it through the mud run?

400m at 5k pace; 400m recovery
800m at 5k pace; 400m recovery
1200m at 5k pace; 400m recovery
800m at 5k pace; 400m recovery (actually just mill around; time’s getting short)
400m at 5k pace; cool down run back to parking lot


– MudRun sign ups still available, though everyone here is already committed one way or the other
– HDHH coming up on last Wednesday of the month – @Carolina Ale House 7pm

Nakedman Moleskin
– Strong work all around by our small contingent… especially @Derby sporting the 20# WV #youngknees
– While @Chopper was unusually quiet (oxygen deprivation?), he still had enough spunk to drop some aviatory knowledge on us. Just ask him the diff between radar and a transponder.
– Once he’s answered, it’s best that you #factcheck with @TheNanny…
– Is anyone else envious of @Chopper’s job? Besides the company truck… hiking up Crowder’s Mountain is part of the job as is playing golf on Fridays… and punking co-workers. If only there were beer involved occasionally… wait, what? Clearly that place has zero HR presence…