Striker’s Circuit at SWAT- and we’re all sore!

14 of Meca’s faithful posted for a team effort Q this morning. Magma contacted YHC to cover for him while on IR – and had a good beat down planned – but after being surprised by seeing a PAX favorite post – YHC quickly asked our man in uniform to see if he would like to take the lead…

He jumped on the opportunity and that could have been our tactical error this morning -as the new Q began the wheels churning as to how he could inflict some circuit pain on us this –

@ Frostbite stepped up and led us in the warm-0-rama and the morning went something close to this.

Warm-o-rama – Frostbite

Mosey around the establishment

Circle back up for: SSH, CP’s, Arm Circles

Then on to Striker’s Circuit

15KB swings, 15 squats, 15 clean and press… each arm… 15 Russian Twists – in rapid succession  x4  with either a 20 count or a ring around the rosey between circuits

it doesn’t look like much on paper but it was a pain-full group of excercises – especially for those who were sporting the large kettle bells # Coyotehowl and # striker. Apparently a KB switch occurred somewhere in the mix to see if Striker could manage Coyote’s # 50. Showing off their superior strength and conditioning for the PAX!  Striker in his ever confident state – even started using some  police officer jargon type words like “Immobilize” and “top muscle”?

A few minutes left so YHC had a KB round robin – first pax called out and led a KB exercise then called out another PAX for him to inflict some pain on the next go round… 5-6 pax  led the group admirably!

Follow up with a little PAX led MARY and we wrapped up the morning.


BOM – Dutch

Cool morning moleskin –

Great to see the Pax full of energy and enthusiasm this morning to take on the week. The new KB storage box is a welcome addition too.

Good to see a DL Pax member – The Goose this morning  – Welcome brother and come on over any time – we’ll be sure to have an extra KB for you to use.

Neon – thoughts an prayers for you as you embark on your journey Wed.




5 thoughts on “Striker’s Circuit at SWAT- and we’re all sore!

  1. King Louie

    We keep talking about the violent thrust when it comes to the KB swing. But last week Sensei taught us the secret is to focus on his butt.

  2. The Farm

    Goose! You finally came out huh? Of course I fartsacked this morning and missed it I hope you kept the mumblechatter going. There are plenty of spare bells floating around until you get your own. Good job brother!

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Ah yes – an excellent workout – I liked the part where we did curls with our elbows on our knees while the rest of our arm and body was “immobilized”.

  4. Neon

    Thanks for your thoughts, Dutch. Two days from now, I’ll be on the “walkabout”!

    Striker, there’s nothing like a good ole “ring around the rosie”!

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