Multi-Q, Overachieving Beatdown

8 total (5 Lakers, 1 Stoner, and 2 Traditioner) showed to experience what the Q had in store for them on this beautiful Saturday morning.  The problem is, no one signed up to Q.  Men seem to shy away from Saturday sign-ups at this AO.  Every time they do, the pax suffer through a people’s Q.  Today was one of those days!  A few guys out there are ready to Q.  Talk to a man who is Q’ing regularly and co-Q with him.  You’ll love it and won’t look back.  Just remember, if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.  Anyway, the beatdown went something like this:



SSH x 15 IC
Windmill x 15 IC
IST x 15 IC
MC x 15 IC
Mericans x 15 IC
Michael Phelps x 15 IC
Arm Circles

The Thang:

Mosey to the tennis courts
At this point, someone started trying to describe what’s inbounds and out of bounds etc etc. However, YHC is no tennis player so I have no idea what those are. There were three green squares on the court and we used them as follows:

Lunge walk through first square. At the end, do five hand release mericans.

Plank walk through second square. At the end, do five hand release mericans.

Side shuffle through third square. At the end, do five hand release mericans.

Repeato x 3 switching directions for plank walk and side shuffle.

Al Gores while waiting for the six.

The Farm

Mosey back to parking lot to the bottom of the hill closest to the pool. Each man does the following:

20 mericans at the bottom of the hill.
Bear crawl up.
Burpee broad jumps across the parking lot.
Quadraphila up second hill.
20 squat jacks at the top.
Run down the hill then burpee broad jump across the parking lot.
Bear crawl down hill.
20 mericans.


Mosey to rock pile and grab a rock you’ll be proud of.

Curls x 15 IC
Skull crushers x 15 IC
Chest press x 15 IC
LBCs x 13 IC
Pullovers x 13 IC
Mason Twists x 10 IC

King Julian
Offset rock mericans x 5 IC each side
Diamond rock mericans x 10 IC

Mosey across the street and partner up
One man runs to the gazebo and does give hand release mericans while the other does squats then bobby Hurleys. The group completes 100 of each. Plank while waiting for the six.


1 minute break for explanation (yeah I know what you were doing).

Crawl bear up hill
Run across the street for 20 dips.
Run back across and crab walk down hill
20 CDDs at the bottom.

Repeato x 2.


Al Gores while he thinks of what to do.

Mosey to playground. 20 of each exercise.
Dericans on the swings
Step ups

Mosey to parking lot for pax led Mary.



Great effort by all and great co-Q by those who stepped up!

1) @Dutch really is an overachiever! My favorite is when he was doing the pretzel stick even though the pretzel crunch was called. When I said something about it, he said, “Come on! I’m from #Tradition!” I looked over and @R2D2 was doing the same as @Dutch.  I like it!

2) Yes, @Roundhouse, I have been checking up on you. Two weeks is a long time in the F3 world (to get stronger or weaker). It’s my job to make sure you keep posting and your job to make sure I keep posting. Keep posting!

3) You guys looked great in your new Davis Lake shirts. I think the F3 on his chest gave @Preamble a little more energy to lead exercises and mumblechatter.

Have a good weekend men!

3 thoughts on “Multi-Q, Overachieving Beatdown

  1. The Farm Post author

    Great push! Also, great to see @Piston, who admittedly fartsacked this morning, show up for coffee afterwards. See you next week!

  2. Dutch

    @farm you know @dingo would never let a q spot go unfilled over at tradition. There such overachievers at that AO … They would probably have had two Qs signed up!

    I think you like to have that empty spot on Saturday so you can fill it yourself and inflict some of your burpee pain.

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