11 Strong F3 faithful got a little stronger this morning.  We were greeted by a NC State Highway Patrolman who had the parking lot staked out when we showed up for KB’s.  The workout was a combination of ladder and travel and went a little something like this

Warm – up

  1. Mosey to the end of the parking lot and back
  2. SSH (ic) X10
  3. Windmill (ic) X10
  4. Imperial Storm Troopers (ic) X10
  5. Small Arm Circles X10
  6. Small Arm Circles Reverse X10
  7. Large Arm Circles X10
  8. Large Arm Circles Reverse X10

The Thang

  1. Upright Row                                          X12 X10 X8
  2. Chest Press                                           X12 X10 X8
  3. Lawn Mowers – (L)/(R)                       X12 X10 X8
  4. Sumo Squat                                           X12 X10 X8
  5. ** Travel to Orange cones in parking lot – Lunge walk with KB (R); switch hands on the way back (L)
  6. Overhead Tricep Extension               X12 X10 X8
  7. Merkins with KB – (L)/(R)                   X6 each side X5 each side X4 each side
  8. Hammer Curls – (L)/(R)                       X12 X10 X8
  9. Goblet Squats                                       X12 X10 X8
  10. ** Travel to Orange cones in parking lot – Lunge walk with KB (R); switch hands on the way back (L)
  11. Side plank rows – (L)/(R)                    X12 X10 X8
  12. Outhouse Squats with bicep curls    X12 X10 X8
  13. Single Arm Overhead Press               X12 X10 X8
  14. Curb tricep extensions with KB         X12 X10 X8
  15. ** Travel to Orange cones in parking lot – Lunge walk with KB (R); switch hands on the way back (L)

The Mary

  1. LBC’s – (ic) X 10
  2. Low Flutter kicks with KB – (ic) X 10
  3. Mason Twist with KB – (ic) X10
  4. Stretch Ball and Roll – 30 seconds
  5. Plank and hold for 30 seconds



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead it is always an honor.
  2. Extra credit to @Swami and @Clueless for running before the workout.
  3. @Finnegan glad you came back out for KB’s, come back out anytime.
  4. @Cooter way to push, good to see you out there.
  5. Bull Run at 6am and Rail yard at 7am Saturday; Endurance 6:30am Monday
  6. The Harrisburg Food Pantry is in desperate need of food donations. Hand off donations to @SoloCup.

7 thoughts on “NCSHP KB’s

  1. Clueless

    Solid lead @SidVicious. Liked the new addition of the side plank rows. Also nice of you to have the trooper clear the lot of any riffraff… although the real riffraff stayed for the workout.

    Btw – @Finnegan has been throwing around the iron regularly… and getting noticeably stronger in the process. #TClaps

  2. Sid Vicious Post author

    @Clueless glad you enjoyed the SPR. Anytime, I think riffraff perfectly describes the Q yours truly. Ha Ha. @Finnegan glad you come regularly, those are probably the weeks I am at the track trying acceleration. Thanks for that clarification.

    1. Finnegan

      The acceleration workouts are my next goal, I will get out on those one of these days. Good workout today!

  3. Schedule C

    Awesome lead this morning. No BS, just solid work. Loved it. Lots of pax this morning, you guys keep coming back.

    If you notice, I shows up after the SHP left. Take that as you may.


  4. Swami

    I wish I could’ve stayed longer. @clueless…because I showed up late and left early, didn’t realize you ran to the workout as well. Would’ve shared the route home had I known and had the M not been tapping her foot in the driveway already. Plus I’m slow.

  5. Othello

    Great lead@SidV, nice to see so many come out in Friday.

    Everyone-Oktoberfest at the Waldhorn in Pineville this weekend. I am going Saturday night, see you there!

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