Knee pads not included…

4 men karate chopped the fartsack and made the best decision they’ll make this morning and posted at The Valley for a beatdown Q’d by YHC. I pieced most of this together from a Davis Lake beatdown I Q’d a little while ago and added the rest. No workout at this AO is complete without using the hill of shadows! It went something like this:

Mosey to Parking Lot

15 CP IC

YHC’s OCD got the best of me and I immediately wanted the comfort of the well drawn out circles in the OTHER parking lot, so…mosey to pre-drawn out circle.

10 x SSH IC
5 burpees
10 x IST IC
5 burpees
10 x MC
5 burpees
10 x Windmills
5 burpees
10 x merkins IC
5 burpees
10 jump squats OYO
5 burpees
10 lunges each leg OYO
5 burpees
10 x LBCs IC
5 burpees
10 x reverse crunch IC
5 burpees
10 x mason twists IC
5 burpees
The Arnold x 10 IC
5 burpees

Slow Mosey around the island

Jack Webbs

Lots of mumble chatter about the asphalt needing to be repaved and can we PLEASE move to somewhere easier on the knees.  @Raptor brought his towel to keep his knees from getting scraped up and says he normally wears kneepads.  #TMI  #Ididntwanttoknow

After completing 2 sets, mosey to smooth sidewalk to finish Jack Webbs and appease the pax.

Mosey down the hill of shadows with brief indian run around the island at the bottom then go to bridge for:

10 Derkins IC on low rail
10 LBCs IC
7 Derkins IC on medium rail
5 Derkins IC on high rail

Indian Run up hill of shadows to playground

Pretzel Crunch
Homer to Marge Medley


1) Strong work by all this morning. Got @ONJ to start grunting during the COP, @Innkeeper to push to failure…then keep going and @Raptor to scrape up his knees (don’t ask).  By the way @Raptor & @Innkeeper, I was wrong.  We did 55 burpees.

2) This is a great AO. Sign up to Q it soon and post here to experience it for yourselves.

3) I’ve seen the guy with the dog every time I’ve posted here. I wonder how long it’ll be until he’s posting with us.

4) T-claps to @ONJ for running to the workout.  Cruise next Wednesday?

5)  Notice that I didn’t come down on the Jack Webbs or derkins…I’ll have to sign up to Q again to bring us down!

3 thoughts on “Knee pads not included…

  1. Innkeeper

    Just FYI, you posted the BB to Davis Lake. Great Q today Farm, solid beatdown with good chatter and plenty of laughs making it all that much better. As the first Q to combine the Indian Run with the Hill of Shadows, I do think it should be known as the Farm Run.

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