How many Kettlebell Reps can a Pax do?

It was an honor for YHC to lead an elite group of  7 of Tradition’s finest men in a kettlebell beatdown this fine morning.  YHC wanted to track our reps today and set a goal of 600 reps doing a variety of exercises, to exercise all body parts.  The pax achieved 680 reps!  Yes, even though the greatest overachiever @dutch was not present, in his honor, we were all overachievers today.  Great work men.

Also, we had time for a demo from the professional, Coyote, per request of Dick Tracy on the proper form for a kettlebell swing.  Butt back on the down swing, then violent thrust forward.

It went something like this;

Mosey around church


15 side straddle hop

10 windmill

10 plankjacks

10 Mountain climbers


Set 1 (upper body)


20 15 10


Kettlebell swings

Standing Arm Extensions

Dutch cucumbers (each arm) – 15 , 10, 5

Clean and Press – 15, 10, 5

Shoulder presses – Standing

Total reps = 255


Set 2 (lower body)

20, 15, 10

Sumo Squats

Chest press – on back

Pullovers – on back

Goblet squat

Arm extensions

45×5 = 225

Set 3


20, 15,

KB Merkins 15 10 5 each arm

Shoulder raises

Kettlebell swings

Sumo squats

Standing Arm extensions

total reps = 200

Throughout the workout @dick tracy expressed his concern that YHC’s watch was slow by 5 minutes hence the beatdown was going too long.  Though under pressure YHC stuck with his 15 year old watch’s time for a full workout and later @dicktracy manned up and synchronized his watch to real time as reported on his cell phone and advised YHC of this.  Thank you Dick Tracy.   Phew – my watch of 15 years is still accurate.

Special prayers to two young men who are missing in India in a church sponsored group by Stonebridge church.  Further prayers to at Neon, as his daughter passed 3 years ago and he will be hiking solo next week in the Appalachian trail in honor of her.  F# workouts have helped him prepare for this time.

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2 thoughts on “How many Kettlebell Reps can a Pax do?

  1. Neon

    Well done, Maximus! Like your watch, you take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. We should consider a rename from Maximus to Timex!

    The explain Kettlebell swing demo was good for me as well. Tclaps @Coyote

    Thanks for the thoughts for me and my family as we approach this 3 year anniversary. Grieving is hard, but I try to remember that grief is the flip side of my love for my daughter. I never want to stop grieving.

  2. Maximus_MECA Post author

    Thanks @neon. Glad you liked the workout. Thanks for sharing your perspective on grieving and understanding your grief for the loss of your wonderful daughter Kat is forever.

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