The Frigid Cold

Some considered it to be beautiful weather, while others thought it was time to break out the sweatpants and long sleeves. Regardless of temperature, 8 pax gathered at Pain Academy this AM for 45 minutes of hard work.



Extra long mosey, with sideways weaving in and out of cones.

20x side straddle hop

10 x imperial walker

15 x mericans


The Thang:

23-ish minutes running around the long track. stop at the top for 15 x mericans and 15 x squat jumps. stop at the bottom for 10 x burpees and 20 x LBC’s

finish up, jailbreak over to pillars.

peoples’ chair w/ air presses

bearcrawl out to cone and sprint back

peoples’ chair w/ air presses

lunge walk out to cone and sprint back

peoples’ chair w/ air presses

decline merican planks up and halfway down for 3 minutes

10 x decline mericans

lunge walk to cone and sprint back

mosey back for mary



10 x rositas

10 x protractors

10 x WW2 situps

10 x crunchy frogs

10 x LBC’s

10 x freddy mercuries

10 x freddy mercuries, emphasis on form

10 x russian twist




Great work this morning. This is another one of those mornings where I’m reminded how much I love F3- didn’t want to leave the fartsack, but felt great by the time we were done.

running bear at Veterans park tomorrow morning- come join us (if you didn’t get enough running this AM)

3 thoughts on “The Frigid Cold

  1. Drop Thrill

    Capri great lead brother! I was groaning at first worried my back wouldn’t hold up, but it didn’t hurt at all thanks to prayers of my brothers and stretching and trying to do what the physical therapist said to do.

    Felt good to be able to run again without pain.

  2. Chum

    Looks like a good one. Too bad I had to taxi my in-laws to the Airport for their flight. Mint Hill F3 was born in the summer gloom, now time to test the winterish gloom.

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