Focused on BRR 2016!

8 strong men came out, and the chatter about who’s running the BRR in 2016 began right away. Many who did the 12-man were already HC-ing to do a 9-man. With that in mind, we hit the road…

Head down Kee Lane, left on Financial Way, right on Ruckus Rd, cross 49 (Frogger!), down the service road that turns into Shamrock, continue down Shamrock until arriving at River Front Drive. Head up the nice hill and turn around at Misty Meadows Lane. Repeato x5. Then head back down Shamrock, cross 49 (Frogger!), left on Financial Way, Right on Kee Lane and back to home base.

All in all, we logged about 4.5 miles.

1. Good work out there, Flip Phone…you’re getting stronger!
2. UCB talking about his sore rear end from Ironman training is something I could live without hearing again.
3. Always amazed by SS Minnow and Bearclaw…RESPECT!
4. If you’re able to make it to Hump Day Happy Hour tonight, come over and help support the BRR crew…a portion of the proceeds go to help offset the team costs of the BRR. Details in the emails.
5. Petey needs a doggie head lamp.

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