Chilly cruise

11 men came together to experience the first chilly cruise of the seasons. The disclaimer was given and we started on our way.

The Thang
– ran down the hill of shadows and then started the 4 miles (YHC heard some push back on this one)
– ran one mile to the right at a brisk pace
– ran mile back to bottom of hill at easy pace
– ran one mile to the left at a brisk pace
– ran mile back to bottom of hill at easy pace
– ran hard up hill back to school

– It was good to see 11 men out there today for our weekly cruise.
– Nice push by everyone this morning.
– Rest that knee @Dingo
– Not sure if everyone noticed, but there was another @skipper sighting this morning once we were done with the cruise.

14 thoughts on “Chilly cruise

    1. The Farm

      Hahahahaha!!! You guys are solo funny. I did hear something moving in the bushes between mile 3 and 4 and got nervous.

          1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

            Well, if you didn’t get attacked my an owl, I would drive you to the hospital. But I would still laugh like crazy. Would need to take pictures for the Christmas party too!

          2. Skipper

            I don’t know the story behind the owl jokes for The Farm, but Charlotte’s future mayor, Edwin Peacock, got his F3 name by getting attacked by an owl (MMOB – Mighty Mighty Owl Bait). BTW, vote Edwin Peacock!

            While I’m promoting people. Did you hear that some F3 men were running Thunder Road Marathon and Half Marathon for the Heartline Haiti charity? Well, they are and BOS (Preston Schoonover) needs donations so help if you can


  1. The Farm

    Good idea to keep everyone together this morning although I will say I witnessed two things that I thought were impossible this morning. 1) Jellylubing during a run 2) by the Q! .92 miles does not equal 1 mile brother!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Just trying to help out the guys who didn’t have GPS. You know, since people were complaining that I didn’t mark the course before the run. Next time I do it I will just run with cones and make sure I’m running really fast. Still got more than 4 miles in.

  2. Neon

    So it was spoken and shall now be written…
    Ye have heard it said in times past that “The hill does not count.” A new declaration I give unto thee. Lo, I say unto thee that the hill does count!

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