The Backwards Beatdown

5 Men made the right decision this morning and decided to join YHC for Tuesday Mornings Backwards Beatdown. It was a wee bit chilly again this morning, but only because it’s been so dang hot previously! Gotta love this weather and getting a good workout in however; this is how she goes….

Warm Up:

Mosy to Prison Yard for…

  • SSH x 13
  • Cotton Picker x 13
  • IST x 13
  • SSH x 10 (just to get the blood flowing a little more)
  • Single Stretches:
    • 6 stretches, single count x 13

Thang 1:

Cornerback Cardio (this is the type of Cardio a Defensive back works on in practices)

  • Stage 1
    • using the Yard Lines(Prison Yard Lines), starting in Corner 1; shuffle left to center, Sprint Forward to End of Court, Shuffle Right to End, Backwards Run, Shuffle Left to Center, Sprint to End of Court, Shuffle Right, Backwards Run Back to Corner 1
  • Stage 2(flapjack)
    • Sprint to Center, Shuffle to End Court, Sprint to End Lines, Shuffle Right down side, backwards run to center, shuffle left to end, backwards run to end, shuffle home.

Mozy to The Farmlands for….

  • Indian Run down to bottom(keeping spread out as if the precinct actually had more PAX show up)
  • Merkin/Crunch Exercise
    • 13 Merkins IC
    • 13 LBC’s IC
    • 11 Merkins IC
    • 11 Reverse Crunch IC
    • 9 Merkins IC
    • 9 LBC’s IC
    • 7 Merkins Single Count  
    • 7 Reverse Crunch IC
    • REPEATO TILL down to 1 Crunch IC
  • Backwards Indian Run BACK UP FARMLANDS(you crazy man, this was hard!)

Over to the GWW for some…

  • Muscle ups OYO
    • 40
    • 20
    • 10
    • 10


  • The Crunchy Mason, or Mason Frog, or Froggy Mason, or could be Crunchy Mason Frog, you name it!!!???… (This exercise would be the Mason Twist and Crunch Frog Combined of course) Try it sometime!
  • Low Flutter
  • Low Dolly
  • Airborne Mindbender

The Disleksik Moleskin:  

Thanks to you few who came out and joined me this morning! You never know how it’s going to work out when planning something in your head, but overall I thought it went well, Hope you enjoyed too. Always a pleasure leading you and giving you something to sweat over!


3 thoughts on “The Backwards Beatdown

  1. Man Down

    Backwards Indian Run up out of the Farmlands??? Talk about some Quadriphilia!!! Sounds painful! Sorry I missed today (and especially sorry that I failed to bring out the shovel flag – epic fail!). Me and the M celebrated 14 years today, so I slept in a bit. Besides, I gotta save up my energy for Jailhouse Rock on Thursday!

  2. Prison Fruit Post author

    It was terrible! We prepped a little for JHR on Thurs. with the muscle up mess we had!

    Happy Anniversary brother and Congrats! Those are some big numbers for Marriage these days! #doingitright

  3. Trail Mix

    Very creative with the backwards indian run… good use of the long slow incline. And I said it before, and I’ll say it again, 80 consecutive muscle ups is just stupid.

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