No Lunges, No Squats, No Burpees!

14 strong Pax members including 1 FNG showed up for some upper body fun this morning. YHC has accepted that I can’t do a lot of the lower body exercises the Pax do on a regular basis so instead of focusing on what YHC can’t do I decided to Q and focus on what I can do and it went something like this.

Warm up

Arm Circles, small, large (front/back)

Carolina Dry Docks 15 IC

Plank Jacks 10 IC

Calf Raises 20x Repeto

The Thang

Partner up for wheel barrel / Merkin Parking lot work (1 merkin at every other parking spot on the first round than 1 merkin at every third parking spot) – LBC till the Six arrives

Mosey over to the picnic tables – 4 people to a table

Table Curls 20x, Dips 15x, Incline Merkin 10x, Decline Merkin 5x, Repeat 4x

People’s chair, recover, people’s chair with air press (thank you Pox)

Mosey to playground

Find a bar to hang from and do a pull up/incline merkin ladder (20/15/10/5 pull ups – 10/15/20 Incline merkins)

People’s chair

Balls to the wall but on the way up do as many vertical Merkins as you can.

Mosey back to the parking lot for some stretching


Arm Circles, small, large (front/back)

Stretch the shoulders

On all 4s, right leg up left arm up, stretch, flapjack, repeat


Downward Dog Stretch

Upward Dog Stretch

Other stretches I can’t seem to remember.



It has been a while and it was nice to see everyone this morning.

Way to go Stretchy and Timber who got stuck doing the table curls by themselves.

Mud run sign ups have been extended, just sign up and they will help you find a team.

Can’t wait to see you guys again in a month or so!

5 thoughts on “No Lunges, No Squats, No Burpees!

  1. Schnitzel

    @Chachi – Well done. 4 man picnic table curl was a bit awkward, but beats the 2-man version. You’d think they’d install curling grips on their picnic tables. CBW work always a pax pleaser, eh Stretchy?
    Good turnout today, even missing regulars Fratelli, Whatley, LawDawg, Sparknut, Hula, etc. By the way, who was that guy driving the HVAC truck?

    (I think PAX member listed as Raspberry is really “3”).

  2. Marie Calendar

    Nice change of pace, Chachi, and good to see you back with the Stoners.

    I was dragging a little today so not much talk out of me but I will plan to make up for it on Thursday. You have been warned.

  3. Pox

    Chachi, I believe the change of pace was welcome from the Pax, no lunges was music to Marie Calendar’s ears!

  4. Sparknut

    Dang Chachi, I missed you- and Mattress King! Glad to hear you came out and Q’d. “3” said it was a great arm workout. Maybe you can get on the schedule to Q arm and upper body day for us on a regular basis. Sorry I missed today, but looking forward to getting back out there Thursday.

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