No Fainting Goats Here

#Warm Up:

  • Mosey, and mosey some more
  • SSH x 15
  • Windmill x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • Merikans x 10

#The Thang:
Mosey until we find a good spot for:

  • Clock Curb merikans x 5 all the way around
  • Suicides up and back x 2
  • Walking Lunges up and backward
  • LBC x 15
  • Walking Lunges up and backward
  • Merikans x 10
  • Repeato


  • Homer to Marge x 5
  • LBC x 15
  • Reverse Crunch x 15
  • WWII Situps x 15
  • Hello Dolly x 15
  • Low Flutter x 15

Nice and cool this morning. Looking forward to cooler temps. We still left sweat angels everywhere.

Thanks to the men of Boondocks for letting me lead. Great work by everyone.

2 thoughts on “No Fainting Goats Here

  1. Deuce

    Hate I missed this morning. We could have set an attendance record with seven. Thanks for leading Schedule C.

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