Find The “OverAchiever”!

It was a cold gloom that 13 men entered this morning.  Is this the beginning of the #Winterslump?  Surely 50 degrees is not too cold for you all?  There are 2 forces at play constantly in F3.  Those who workout through the heat of the Summer, find it easier to workout in the Winter.  Those who workout in the cold of Winter, find it easier to workout in the heat of the Summer.

For the more intellectual of the bunch you may have deduced that if you continue to workout regularly throughout the entire year, you really do get stronger and the workouts do get a little easier.    It then becomes the individuals responsibility to push themselves as hard as they can in each and every workout.  It is the Q’s job to provide a good beatdown.  It is the Pax’s job to make it great!

Why am I dribbling on like this?  Because this will be my 3rd Winter in F3.  I am one of those “idiots” that posts through the winter.  In the rain, the snow, the ice, the below freezing temps.  I don’t say this to brag, but more to encourage!  Each year I see the numbers drop off during the Winter and then numbers rise once the weather warms up in the Spring.  I see guys who were killing it before their “Winter break” come out struggling in the Spring.  Bite the bullet this year!  Working out in the cold adds a whole new element to the workouts.

NO ONE has ever said “I regret working out this morning”.

Enough of that!

Mosey around the Church

Circle Up for the following

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 10 x Low Slow Squat(LSS)
  3. 20 x IST – YHC had a brain fart starting this one off….Much to the amusement of the crowd….
  4. 10 x LSS
  5. 20 x Windmill
  6. 5 x Burpees
  7. 20 x Michael Phelps
  8. 5 x Burpees

Mosey to picnic tables

Partner Up

  1. Parnter 1 – 20 Dips
  2. Partner 2 – 20 Decline Merkins
  3. Flapjack
  4. Repeat x 3


  1. Partner 1 – 20 Dips
  2. Partner 2 – 20 Step ups
  3. Flapjack
  4. Repeat x 3

Mosey to Church building entrance

  1. Partner 1 – Peoples Chair x 1 min(Over achiever was spotted here)
  2. Partner 2 – Plank x 1min
  3. Flap Jack
  4. Repeat x 2


  1. Partner 1 – Balls to the wall x 1 min
  2. Partner 2 – LBC AMRAP
  3. Flapjack
  4. Repeat x 2

Mosey to the Outback

  1. Partner 1 – 10 x pullups
  2. partner 2 – Run to street and back
  3. Flap jack
  4. Repeat x 2


  1. Partner 1 – 10 x Curlups
  2. Partner 2 – run to street and back
  3. Flapjack
  4. Repeat x 2

Mosey back to flag for Mary

  1. 20 x Pretzel Crunch
  2. 20 x Reverse Crunch

The Crispy Moleskin

  1. Thanks for letting me lead, always an honor and a joy!
  2. Great to see so many Respects out in the gloom!
  3. October 10th is The Beatdown, Chowdown!
  4. HEC starts up again next week!
  5. Congrats to Soundwave who lost 16lbs in the last HEC!!
  6. Congrats to Jelly who dropped his body fat by 3%!!

12 thoughts on “Find The “OverAchiever”!

  1. Dick Tracy

    Good beatdown today, Dingo. Really enjoyed being back out there. I like working out in colder weather!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Solid workout @Dingo. Feel better after it as always. I agree about working out year round. Though I prefer summer workouts I find if you wear warmer gear in the winter the cold doesn’t matter. Duh. Also builds up your resilience to different types of outdoor weather. I too hope to see many Pax enjoying winter workouts in the dark at below freezing temps. That is what we have to look forward to. That is fun!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice, old fashioned beatdown this morning @dingo. It’s fun to get back to the basics.

    I agree about posting year round. It definitely makes it more manageable. Plus, snowball fights with a bunch of your F3 brothers can be fun.

  4. Guinness

    I can’t wait until those snowy mornings when you might think that it would be crazy for anyone to be out in that weather for a beatdown. Lo and behold, F3 pax are there in the gloom getting it done. See you this winter in the gloom!

  5. Dutch

    Dingo is it safe to say That The days of the Sleeveless F3 shirts are behind us for the season? #weatherchannelappworks.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Ah… So @dutch is the “overachiever”, not to be confused with being a Jelly Luber. @dutch – question for you; did you overachieve because you are in such great shape or was the Q too easy on you this morning? Please advise.

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