the folie à deux

A madness shared by two for Muthaship Monday.

The modified maze runner “race format” in a 12 story parking deck thang:

1st round, from the lot to the top will go like this;

Partner up, similar size and speed.

Bust it to the ‘ship.

PAX will then alternate one flight at a time between the spiral, the stairs and the ramps to get to the top. PAX choose their own starting point — stairs, ramp or spiral.

On the way up;

PAX must partner carry a ramp; one ramp ONLY.

PAX must wheelbarrow a flight of stairs; one flight ONLY.

PAX must complete 10 dumbocrats before getting on every spiral, every time.

**Dumbocrat definition: Partner derkin position with both men pushing the ground at the same time #equalopportunitymerkins

PAX must flapjack. 10 + 10 = 20

Yes, being the bottom man, in a weighted position, makes it harder. That’s the point.

****ON LEVEL 4, on the west side of the deck, PAX will run across the #skybridge, stay right, up the ramp to the stairs, down the stairs, swing around and back across the skybridge.


At the top: 20 partner “fistbump” merkins.

1st team to the top will lead MARY until the 6 is in.

We’ll fly down the stairs together and race it again. I’m guessing we’ll be able to get in 3 or 4 rounds.

@0608 #ChineseDownhill back to base



Well, I didn’t see that coming.

YHC rolled into the lot @0512 and I had that feeling that I would be going alone #mevsme when @Mugsy rolled in a minute later. Whew, that was close!

We checked in with each other and decided to stay with the program, but it’s awfully tough to race unseen PAX – regardless, I think I’ve gravitated to Shank’s style and approach to practice. If it ain’t the game, it ain’t the game, it’s just practice.

So, we got after some practice.

Similar size and speed didn’t exactly work to YHC’s favor this morning. For those of you that don’t know Mugsy, he’s 6’ 5” and 240lbs of solid oak. Thankfully, Fit Fishwrap (and not “Fat Mark”) was available today to pick up the load.

We audibled as necessary, doing only one round of #dumbocrats (yeah, it hurt) and called merkin varietals on the following sets.

Mugsy has cat like reflexes too and can fly when the spirit moves him – which he did on numerous occasions this morning as I did my best to hang on.

We were doing well on time and opted out of the #dizzyback race to complete a 5th round (a different route each time) and final set (only set, since a 6 didn’t exist) of partner “fistbump” merkins. Brutal, by the way.

We matched, stride for stride, on the #ChineseDownhill until we caught a light at McDowell, then Mugsy took it in from there.

So, again, I hope it wasn’t “The Maze Runner” that put numbers off this morning and only the fact that we had that many F3’ers participating in BRR over the weekend, because I would like to bring this back again very soon. I want to tweak it a little more but think it’s a fun morning at the ‘Ship when you have a bunch guys out there flying around on different courses and enjoying that kind of silly, organized chaos.

Oh, the #skybridge didn’t disappoint – it’s in there for a reason. You have to know where you are in The Maze. We made it to Level 5 on a round and had to go back down to tag it, and to Level 7 on another round – but didn’t bother. The #skybridge is sneaky, I tell you.

The temperature gauge read 56 degrees at launch, what a morning.

Mugsy, you’re the man! I had a good time out there and hope I didn’t slow you down too much.

Thanks for taking us out.

@F3Metro looking forward to things getting back to normal this week.

I’ve missed you.


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