Jelly legs

6 pax embraced the cool morning air and joined YHC for a Monday morning downpainment courtesy of two distinguished guests: Jack Webb and Dan Taylor.

5-Merkins(10 count down + 10 count hold + 10 count up + 10 count hold =1)

Mosey to far side of soccer field and line up for Jack Webb.  Up to 10 and back to 1.

Mosey to jungle gym and find a bar.  7 negative pullups (up, 5-count hold + 5-count descent = 1)

Mosey to parking lot and circle up for Dan Taylor (1 squat: 4 lunge).  Up to 10 and back to 1.
Quick mosey to stretch out the legs.

On your 6.  Time for Mary.
20 X 1-legged Flutter
20 X other-legged Flutter
20 X Bicycle (uphill style = very slow)

Mosey to cars (avoid traffic) for COT

Best morning for a workout since May, maybe even April.
Pretty simple Weinke featuring some crazy reps.  Total count on Merkins (just JW) was 100.  400 air presses.  Same on DT with 100 squats and 400 lunges.
Speaking of DT, where was Drop Thrill?  Also missing: Chum, Maple Syrup, Tough Skins, Capri, Poncho Rojo . . .   good grief, where was everyone?  Hoped to see Rolling Stone (FNG at the AO last week’s Running Bear).  If you know these guys, be sure they know we missed them.
Supreme effort by all who posted.  The jelly arms and legs will wear off (I’m pretty sure, but remember I warned you: I’m not a professional).

10/24 USMC Ultimate Mud Run Challenge
10/24/2015. Gaston, SC. The “Super Bowl” of F3. 4-man teams race through the Leatherneck. 6.2 miles with 32 obstacles. Awesome event. Mermaid is A51 Q:

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