PREBLAST MM: The Maze Runner

The modified maze runner race format in a 12 story parking deck thang:

1st round, from the lot to the top will go like this;

Partner up, similar size and speed.

Bust it to the ‘ship.

PAX will then alternate one flight at a time between the spiral, the stairs and the ramps to get to the top. PAX choose their own starting point — stairs, ramp or spiral.

On the way up;

PAX must partner carry a ramp; one ramp ONLY.

PAX must wheelbarrow a flight of stairs; one flight ONLY.

PAX must complete 10 dumbocrats before getting on every spiral, every time.

**Dumbocrat definition: Partner derkin position with both men pushing the ground at the same time #equalopportunitymerkins

PAX must flapjack. 10 + 10 = 20

Yes, being the bottom man, in a weighted position, makes it harder. That’s the point.

****ON LEVEL 4, on the west side of the deck, PAX will run across the #skybridge, stay right, up the ramp to the stairs, down the stairs, swing around and back across the skybridge.


At the top: 20 partner “fistbump” merkins.

1st team to the top will lead MARY until the 6 is in.

We’ll fly down the stairs together and race it again. I’m guessing we’ll be able to get in 3 or 4 rounds.

We’ll be at the bottom @0605 for one last #dizzyback race to the top.

From the top, we’ll #ChineseDownhill back to the lot.

It sounds more complicated than it really is, I promise. It’s actually quite a lot of fun. Spend a minute or two with it and be ready to go tomorrow. No worries, I will cover it again prior to launch.

I like to think of this particular workout as a solid MM recruitment piece, designed for all F3 fitness levels.

So, now’s your chance.

YHC expects to see @CherieBerry tomorrow so the rest of you can’t use BRR recovery as excuse. Just sayin’.

MM meets in the Elizabeth Park Parking Lot at 4th and Kings #CaptainJackStatue

We start @0515. See you out there and look forward to hearing BRR stories this week and hope everyone feels good about what they were trying to do.